If you knew you would be supported, what would you do?

What blocks and stops most people from following their truest destiny, their HEART and their SOUL is FEAR.

It is the ego survival mind, that wants most to protect us, to help us fit in, belong, conform and be accepted that blocks us doing the very thing our HEART and SOUL ARE CALLING US TO.


Will rock the boat,

Is not conforming to the status quo,

Is no longer follow societal rules, or deeply embedded family beliefs…..

And it can absolutely keep us stuck and paralysed and feeling powerless to change our life and to follow through on the VERY THING that we KNOW in our HEART we need to do.

It is this that people are fighting within themselves the most.

Yet we may look to the outside world and blame people, situations and circumstances for it.

Yet, it is always within us.

It is the INTERNAL that must be healed, before the EXTERNAL can shift.

I gave my power away on the weekend, I’ve actually done this many times in my life.

Anytime I tell the story that it’s someone else or something outside of myself, as to why I can’t change or why I can’t do the thing, I’m giving my power away and it feels horrible.

This is honestly what creates burnout.

A feeling of powerlessness.

Feeling that we are powerless to change things.

Feeling that we have to, we need to, we should or we must.


Fulfilling others needs and expectations of us.


It feels horrible.

In truth, there is NO obligation, ONLY opportunity……

Opportunity to express who we really are.

Opportunity to step into our TRUTH.

Opportunity to fulfil our dreams and desires.

Opportunity to express who we wish to be.

Reclaiming your own inner power and taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY for YOUR life, is a MUST in order for things to change…..

If you had no FEAR, just for today, what would you CHOOSE to do differently?

What conversations would you have?

What would you express?

What would you create?

Who would you be?

This is literally the pathway to RECLAIM your inner power.

With Love and Blessings,

Sal xx


If you have a huge big caring heart, if you tend to take on others emotions and feel impacted by how they feel, if you feel triggered and reactive, or feel that you are waiting for someone else to change, in order for you to be ok, I get it…..

I lived in that place, most of my life.

And it’s challenging AF.

And exhilarating to break free from it!

Having the tools, the skills and the ability to break free from this, is what gives you, your power and energy back,

They are critical life skills and critical skills to teach our kids.

If you’ve been feeling exhausted, if you’ve been feeling so flat, or feeling what’s the point, why even try, it’s time to break free.

If you are committed and ready to RECLAIM your POWER,

If you are ready to get the tools and skills to support yourself and your family to heal the generational trauma you’ve taken on.

Let’s get you clear on what belief systems are holding you back. Book your free complimentary 15 min chat (Valued at $97) with me today, to understand what YOUR biggest block in your life is right now, to fully activate your SOUL YES LIFE!

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