If you want more energy, let inspiration lead you….

When was the last time you felt truly inspired by something?

How long has it been?

Sometimes we can get so focused on just getting through life,

Of getting the things done that we feel that we ought to, or we should every day,

That we can end up losing sight of the bigger picture.

Of knowing clearly why we are doing, what we are doing.

We forget what it’s all about and what the actual real point of everything is….

When this happens,

We become robotic.

We get frustrated.

Life can start to feel meaningless.

We start to feel empty inside.

We feel like we’ve lost our mojo.

And you may look around at your life, and think I should be happy, but I don’t know why I’m not really feeling it…..

This is heartbreaking.

It’s so much easier to understand our unhappiness when things aren’t going well, but it’s even more disconcerting when we look at our life and feel like we aren’t happy, yet we seem to have everything….

Some call might call it a mid-life crisis.

When we start to question the point to it all, who we are, and what’s the deeper meaning…..

I’d call it a disconnection from your heart and soul…..

When we lose inspiration,

When we lose passion in life,

It’s often a result of pushing for so long and so hard, that we’ve forgotten why we started in the first place.

Society places immense value on doingness….

But with that comes the loss of being…..

We become so focused on how much we’ve got done in a day, that we’ve forgotten the whole point of doing in the first place. (Hint it’s not just to get things done! Although this can be a rewarding feeling in itself.)

This is masculine overdrive and it disconnects us from the beauty, and the joy of being.

It’s like continuing to drive the car but not fueling up.

When we are no longer inspired by life,

When we forget to connect to the beauty, to the joy,

To our deeper emotions such as gratitude, appreciation, and feeling blessed, passionate and inspired, we end up feeling robotic.

Just moving through the motions….

Life becomes meaningless.

Everything feels like hard work.

Resentment sets in.

This is the start of burnout…..

Keep pushing in that energy and we feel the resistance in our own physical body.

It becomes lethargic,



Feeling like what’s the point…..

It feels like a low-level depression, yet hard to pinpoint what we are actually depressed about…..

Becoming more numb to feelings,

More rigid in the body…..

Impatient with loved ones.

Short and blunt when communicating with people….

When you deeply know how to reconnect to your heart,

When you deeply know how to feel your emotions,

When you deeply know how to fall in love with your life again,

When you deeply know how to find meaning and joy again,

When you deeply know how to inspire yourself every day,

You set yourself free again.

You are no longer in the grind of doingness.

You are inspired by your heart’s desires and my life calling you forward.

You are refueled by your emotions.

And life rewards you, through more and more energy pouring through you again.

Healing your body,

Your heart is completely open and connected again.

Your soul smiles every day as you act from aligned inspiration toward your goals and dreams.

You get connected back to you again.

It’s time beautiful…..

What inspires you deeply?

What’s it all really for?

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


If you’ve felt uninspired, drab, and ho-hum about life for a while, if you’ve lost that spark, even though you used to feel dynamic, excited and joyful, it’s time to get you back Gorgeous.

Losing our inspiration, hope, and dreams in life, is not just hard emotionally, it impacts our physical body in a very real way.

Draining us of energy and life force and putting tremendous strain on our endocrine system.

Making normal everyday tasks feel difficult, exhausting, and monotonous.

If you are experiencing brain fog, you are waking up in overwhelm and dread, if you are feeling anxious about how much you have to deal with and get done in a day, if you have lost your zest for life and are feeling numb in your emotions, it’s imperative to heal this.

Long term it can lead to greater and greater issues with your health, often driving inflammation and chronic disease, not to mention negatively impacting your love life, your relationships with children family, and friends, and in many cases loss of income.

The sooner you start to heal this and address this, the faster you actually heal. Left for years and years, it can be a much longer journey back to full health.

If this is you, book your call with me today Gorgeous, don’t put this off, you deserve to have full health energy, and vitality and I know your family will thank you for it.

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