The importance of self-responsibility.

Your happiness is totally dependent on you…..

The only times I’ve ever been really stuck in my life, are when I become so focused on who someone else is being, needing them to change or be different in someway, so that I can be ok….

This always renders us powerless and a victim.

And we might know “logically” that we can’t control someone else or their behaviours, however, it still doesn’t stop us from wanting them to change, or even believing that we need them to change their behaviour so that we can be ok.

Anytime we blame anything in our life, for the way it makes us feel, we give our power away entirely to that person, situation, or circumstance, rendering ourself inept at being able to change it.

This breeds deep resentment, anger, and hurt over time.

If you’d like to see where or what you are doing this with, journal on the following statement, and list at least 10 or more of these statements.

If only………. Then I’d be able to………..

When we become focused on “If only my boss was more understanding, then I’d enjoy my job more”, or “If only my partner would help out more, then I wouldn’t be so tired and cranky”, or “If only my kids were better behaved, then I wouldn’t have to yell at them.”

The moment we blame something outside of ourself, we negate our ability to see, how did I co-create and contribute to this situation and what do I need to do for myself, to be ok and resolve this.

We become blind to our own behaviour, of how we spoke or how we stayed silent, or how we weren’t able to communicate effectively, or how we continually allowed ourself to be mistreated but chose to stay anyway.

This is not to blame yourself, but to take responsibility.

Without full 100% responsibility for your own wellbeing, your own happiness, your own health, your own financial security, we will leave ourself feeling powerless and a victim to the situation.

We are a product of our choices.

The things we say yes to, the things we say no to, and all the things that we may not even be consciously aware of, that we are doing or not doing, that keep a situation, circumstance, or pattern reoccurring.

The freedom that comes and the empowerment that comes from fully owning our responsibility is like receiving oxygen, when you’ve felt that you’ve been drowning….
It is so life-affirming.

It builds confidence.
It builds self-assurance.
It builds self-love.
It builds self-trust.

And best of all you are no longer feeling powerless and unable to change a situation.
All of this comes from the ability to question your thoughts and your beliefs.

Setting yourself free, is THE MOST POWERFUL gift you can ever give to yourself, and I truly believe that it is not only a critical skill for life that we need but also one that we must TEACH our children.

This leads you to fulfilment,

To deep joy,
To freedom,
To peace,
To acceptance,
To choices,
To full authenticity,

To empowerment and the ability to choose what is and isn’t ok for you.

It supports you to consciously choose and make the decisions for yourself,
For your Wellbeing,
For your Happiness,
For your Financial Security,
For your Health and Energy,
This means you are no longer abandoning yourself,
You are there for you.

You are Creating a life that you Love,
That will support you to show up in the best version of you.

This is true empowerment and I believe, EVERY WOMAN on the planet deserves to KNOW and UNDERSTAND what she needs to do, to empower herself.

That’s why I’m running my FREE 1 HOUR ONLINE TRAINING on MONDAY the 11th of APRIL at 1PM.

You will learn exactly how to question your beliefs, how to EMPOWER yourself and do what you need to do, to set yourself FREE.

Life is amazing, and it’s always bringing us the most incredible gifts to support our soul’s growth and evolution. This training will help you to understand this and take any situation or circumstance and find the GOLD NUGGET, The BLESSING, and the GIFT in it.

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Can’t wait to see you there, I promise you, it will be life changing!

Oceans of Love,

Sal x

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