Is Denial keeping you stuck?

DENIAL is the COPING MECHANISM, that keeps you on the HAMSTER WHEEL….

Denial is a coping mechanism, used to protect ourself from actually dialing into the gut-wrenchingly painful truth of where we are really at and what we really feel. 

And we may even think it’s a good thing because by ignoring what’s really going on, we are tuning into the Law of Attraction aren’t we? 

It seems so much easier, to tell ourself, it’s not that bad, it’s ok, it will get better, I’ll deal with it when I’ve got time…. 

As humans, we do ANYTHING TO AVOID PAIN.

But the whole time you are telling yourself this, you are STUCK.

It is actually toxic positivity…..


It’s like putting a smiley face sticker over the top of your empty fuel gauge on the car. 



It may seem to buoy your energy at the moment, but the problem is underneath, you are continually repressing and suppressing how you REALLY FEEL. You are fighting with yourself to not accept the truth of your own reality. This sets up an extreme form of resistance. 

We do more and more things to help us cope with, ignore, and suppress the underlying pain, that is getting louder and louder, in the form of more exhaustion and more physical pain and symptoms.

Drinking more and more coffee or caffeinated substances, more and more sugar, carbs, to try and sustain our energy, do everything we can to stop the feeling that the ship is sinking…. 

And if you KEEP LIVING like this, you will drop into the next level, which is, the ship is ACTUALLY sinking and you don’t even care.

You are too tired, too exhausted to do anything about it.

This level destroys relationships, finances and is so detrimental to our physical health and wellbeing…. 


Burnout causes complete apathy in our lives and towards ourself.

Simply because the energy reserves have become so low, and we have abandoned ourself so many times, that a part of ourself feels like, what even is the point to it all….. 



Being completely burnt out, left me completely exhausted.

I felt so vulnerable to criticism.

I was hypersensitive to it.

It penetrated deeply.

My soul ached.

I took everything personally.

I felt like I was failing.

I felt so ashamed of who I was, that I just wanted to hide.


I didn’t want to talk with anybody.

I felt like I had fallen from Grace.

Discarded in an instant, because I felt I couldn’t be my normal “HIGH VIBE” self.

It hurt.

There was so much grief.

Grief from feeling I’d lost myself,

Grief from feeling that I couldn’t do what I’d always done,

Grief that I felt like I was a failure.

And at times to protect myself from that grief,

I felt rage and anger instead.


I was so tired of giving my heart, my soul to everything and everyone.

And feeling discarded the second they no longer needed my support. 

I felt like a victim, that I had to keep giving otherwise I wasn’t valuable or worthy.

Heartbroken and felt so devalued.


Yet all of this was just a reflection of how much I had abandoned and devalued myself. 


How much I was not loving, cherishing, and honouring myself.

Of believing that I needed to be super woman for everyone in my life.

Of believing that my worth and my value all came from how much I did in a day and how much I helped others….. 


I love helping others,

Yet it must come from a full bucket. 

I realised that DENIAL was keeping me stuck in this. 

DENIAL kept me stuck from realising I was terrified that if I didn’t continue to please others and help others that I would be discarded, that I would be rejected, that I wouldn’t be loved for who I am…. 

OUCH….. it hurt…. 

It hurt my wounded ego mind a lot….. 


Yet, my heart, my soul, 

Was forever present for me.

Loving me,

Holding me, 

Encouraging me to love, value and cherish myself.

Encouraging me on how I could create my life in a different way.


That enabled me to give from my heart in a joyful and sustainable way, 

That gave me energy instead of depleting me.

That supported my joyful ways of living and brought me amazing satisfaction in life,

That gifted me with creating and aligning myself with the best that life has to offer,

To know that all of my dreams, all of my core desires, could come true.


This is what’s possible when we stop DENYING the pain and the exhaustion that we are really in.

When we ACCEPT the full truth of how we REALLY FEEL and what we are REALLY experiencing.


Then we can take ACTION, 

Then we can CREATE CHANGE.


And that’s when the HEALING really begins….. 


If you are READY to face fully exactly where you are at, to no longer deny your feelings, to no longer keep living the consequences of your denial, to finally FREE yourself from that hamster wheel, and to get the SUPPORT you REALLY need in order to HEAL, then book your call with me TODAY.

Book here Now!

It’s time to allow yourself to receive, Gorgeous.


With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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