Is it hard for you to trust others?

Developing Trust can be a really difficult thing to do, especially if you’ve felt let down by others in the past. 

First Name, have you ever felt that you couldn’t trust someone?

Or have you had repeated patterns of someone in your life letting you down or attracting people that you can’t trust? 

If you’ve ever felt that it’s all on your shoulders, or you’re always the one left to take care of things, I invite you to watch this short 12 min Video below on Why it’s so hard to trust others.

Watch it here!

I break down the 4 areas where we develop trust and why sometimes we deny the reality of our situation and continue to feel let down and unloved when someone breaks our trust. 

This is such a biggie for all relationships but especially intimate relationships. 

Getting to the root cause of this, is essential because underlying our sense of trust, is also our sense of safety and belonging. 

We can be living in such a state of trauma and survival for such a long time, that it’s really difficult to understand the importance of feeling safe and that we belong and of being able to first and foremost deeply trust ourself, trust our instinct and intuition and gut response and being able to trust in others actions and demonstrations, to clearly see who we can trust to take action on their words. 

Just like you may not trust your mechanic to babysit your children, there may or may not be people that you trust with the depth of your heart. 

That is for your own discernment and comes from soul deep self-love. 


With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,


Sal xox 


If you know that you have fears, limiting beliefs and trust challenges from not listening to your intuition, then please book in a call to see if and how I may be able to help you. 

Overcoming these things is absolutely key to helping your body step back into balance, to regain your health, your energy and your happiness, not to mention have deeply satisfying relationships. 
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