Is it time for a reset?

Can you believe we are into our 2nd quarter for the year and it’s Easter!!!!

They say time flies when you are having fun and this year is no exception!

I’m so excited and feeling so blessed and grateful for what’s currently unfolding in my life, and with my beautiful daughter due with her first baby in the coming months, things are feeling so magical and exciting.

I’m in the process of my first book being published and I’m close to my goal of fully matching my 6 Figure business income, completely with passive income. (For my beautiful clients, no stress, I’m not planning on stopping coaching, I love what I do.)

I’ve also nailed doing the splits on one side, but still need to train more on the other side of my body! haha…..

However, it’s so important to check in regularly and see what needs to be reset.

How are you tracking your yearly goals and commitments?

A couple of mine need tweaking and readjusting….

Are your goals, still front of mind, or did they get lost with New Year’s Resolutions within the first few weeks of the year?

I love quarterly check-ins to see how I’m tracking overall, it’s a large enough amount of time, to see what’s working and what’s not, and to see exactly where I’m headed with my current trajectory of daily habits and what I’ve been implementing.

I’m also a huge fan of daily and weekly check-ins. This is something that I’ve done for years, as it’s so easy to lose focus on our personal goals and aspirations and get swept away with other people’s needs, desires, and agendas and lose ourselves in the process, without checking in daily and weekly on our own goals and agendas.

Knowing exactly what you truly want to create and experience in the year, brings a powerful focus to each week and to each day and this is also what I love about accountability and personal reflection.

I blend my days and weeks with structure and accountability (masculine energy) and flow and intuitive guidance (feminine).

Some days and weeks I need to adjust the structure of my days, to truly work with the level of energy I have available, depending on where my cycle is at.

Too much masculine structure and rigidness in our daily “to-do lists” create exhaustion and push energy, and too much feminine flow, whilst it can feel amazing and joyous, we won’t necessarily get those things done that are truly important to us.

It’s using a blend of the two that is where we are most powerful in our direction and focus, and the joy of being alive!

I’ve found this has been incredibly valuable for me. Not only does it keep me out of burnout, but it also allows more joy and intuitive flow each day and still allows me to focus on what’s most important and work towards creating, receiving, and achieving my goals and aspirations.

And many of my clients have also found this to be incredibly helpful for them also.

I’d love to hear, what helps you stay on track the most and also massively supports your daily energy and joy of being.

Love and Blessings,

Sal x


If you have been struggling in implementing, or suffering from burnout, because you have an inner drill sergeant who constantly whips your butt on the tasks that need to be done, like I did, I get it.

Going through burnout was one of the most difficult and challenging experiences of my life. Not having the energy I needed to, in order to run my business effectively was so terrifying as the sole provider of income for me and my girls.

If you would love to understand the exact key steps that I took and have helped 1000’s of clients over the past 12 years take, to heal their burnout, get their clarity back, find their passion and purpose and spark again, then you can access my 28 Day Mini Thrive Course by clicking the button below!

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It’s such a powerful blend of all the steps that you’ll need in order to heal your burnout and give you the tools and skills for life, for not only healing your physical body but also the deeper inner beliefs, that keep you stuck in cycles of burnout and over giving and feeling that you have to please everyone and keep everyone happy.

Overcoming and releasing guilt for setting healthy boundaries and saying no and knowing how to get back to bringing more JOY into your life, are just a couple of the steps that are so important, not to mention understanding how to heal and regulate the nervous system.

Looking forward to seeing you there:

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And by the way Happy Easter!!! xxx



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