Is your heart open?

On this beautiful Valentine’s day to celebrate love, I thought it was relevant to talk about how important it is to keep our hearts open.

Often when we’ve had difficult life experiences, or been hurt in love, we end up shutting down our hearts.

Keeping your heart open, doesn’t mean just experiencing love…..

It actually is letting life flow through you.

What truly closes our hearts is when we experience grief, sadness, anger, or any other intense emotions and we don’t allow ourself to feel it.

We block it, suppress it, push it down, push it away, avoid it, and purely and simply refuse to feel it.

Our bodies become more rigid and tense, our hugs become more shallow and we end up feeling like we are just moving through the motions of life.

We’ve forgotten how to connect because we’ve become temporarily disconnected from our hearts and from ourself.

I get it, it’s so hard to feel the immenseness and intensity of the full brunt of our emotions at times, and let’s face it, our culture has taught us not to feel. Years and years of indoctrination and shaming (especially for men) to not feel or allow their emotions to show.

Feeling our emotions and letting them be expressed can feel so overwhelming. I know when I first started doing this, I felt if I let myself cry, I would never stop.

I felt like I had an unending vault of grief to let go of.

Yet little by little the more I gave way to this and just allowed it to pour through me, to flow through my heart, to embrace it all and not resist any of it, whilst it was intense, and yes at times it was racking sobs of absolute grief, it also cleared within 5-10 mins, sometimes a bit longer.

But the profoundness of what struck me afterward was what encouraged me to do more of this.

I felt calmer,

I felt so much more love,

I felt in touch with my truest self,

I felt joy in my grief,

I felt a profound connection again, not only to myself but also to life.

And I felt a huge shift and increase in my physical energy.

Stagnant emotions especially blocked or unexpressed grief is so exhausting and so heavy to carry with us. I had asthma for 6 months after my mother passed, something that I hadn’t experienced since childhood.

Every time I suppressed my grief, my chest got tight and heavy. I felt rigid and would feel like a solid block. The exhaustion was overwhelming.

The moment, I opened up and let the grief pour through me, life poured back in, energy was moving again and I would always feel better afterward.

When we keep pushing our emotions down, we block our own energy. Our heart energy centre shuts down and we have less life force energy available to flow through us.

We start living in a state of stress and survival because our energy was designed to move upwards from the root chakra (perineum) to the crown chakra (a pineal gland in our brain). When we block our hearts through unexpressed emotions, that energy remains in the lower three chakras.

We find it harder to express ourself (throat chakra), we find it harder to connect with our intuition (third eye chakra) and we find it difficult to manifest what we most desire, through sending out our unique soul vibrational frequency (crown chakra) as the energy is just not available to do that.

Opening up to your emotions, not only free’s the heart energy so that all your other energy centres now get activated, but it means that those emotions are no longer impacting your physical body, causing all sorts of stress, tension, and dis-ease within the body.

And you can also work with your heart’s energy, anytime you experience the energy of courage and higher energy states such as gratitude, love, freedom and empowerment you are activating your heart energy, this is why it feels so good.

You will feel an expansion and opening in your chest, you will feel spaciousness internally and you will love who you are a little bit more!

But it brings so much more than that,

You are now activating your intuition,

You are now activating your unique soul frequency,

You are now having the energy to flow through you, to help heal and restore your body,

You are now able to fully follow your heart and soul’s impulses to create a life that you love.

You are now more aligned with your own energy,

You are now healing and regulating your nervous system,

You will now be attracting more of what you desire into your life.

So many shifts when you allow yourself to feel your emotions and allow it all to pour through your heart in complete non-resistance.

And on this particular day, may you deeply feel your own sense of self-love, and self-worth and share your “whole” self with your loved ones.

With love and Blessings,

Sal x


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