It was amazing!

Did you get to watch it?

It was amazing, so many breakthroughs and aha’s for so many women, really wanting to understand what has caused their burnout, why they don’t feel great and the exact 5 steps of what they can do to really change the situation for themselves and get back to feeling great again.

Understanding the dynamic and role that our hormones play in our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and how burnout affects these is the key to also healing our body.

Often there are lifelong patterns of coping mechanisms, feeling overly responsible for everyone, even living in denial and dissociation of how we are really feeling, because we have become so focused on everyone else’s needs and wants.

Not to mention so many women feel guilty for resting or for taking time out for themselves.

If you didn’t get a chance to tune in and watch today’s powerful training, make sure you click below so you can reclaim your health, your energy and your vitality as soon as possible.

Click to Watch!

With Love,
Sal x

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