It’s not too late…

It’s not too late…

Your dreams,
The ones you wake up with everyday,
The ones on your heart,
The ones that gently whisper to you each day,
Or in the moments of silence….

Are yours….
Are you.
They are apart of you.
They are yours to bring into fruition.

Only you can bring them into the world,
In the way that works for you,
In the way you want to.
In the way you feel called to.

You are worthy.
You are deserving.
You are good enough…..

These precious dreams,
These treasured jewels,
Were given to your sacred heart,
To help you become all that you are meant to be….

It can be scary,
The more we desire something,
The greater fear we have that it may not happen,
Because of our attachment to it.

Yet all of this,
And none of this matters,
When we realise,
We are a tiny speck in the gigantic universe,
A special unique and incredible magnificent soul.

You cannot mess it up,
You cannot get it wrong,
You can never be off the path,
Because when you think you are,
It’s because there’s something new you are learning,
Or overcoming in order to support you with your dreams.

It’s not too late,
To be all that you ever wanted to be,
Embrace her wild nature,
Embrace her wild heart,
Embrace her vision and dreams,

She is you,
The most authentic version,
The most crystalline pure essence,
Of you.

Step forward with Courage,
Surrender into Trust,
Open your heart,

It is all possible.

With Love and Blessings,
Sal x

“Woman’s soul” Artist: Victorija Alekne

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