It’s not working for me…

Have you ever thought or experienced, that you’ve tried to change your beliefs and your life and that it hasn’t worked for you?

This is for you……

Most of us have 60,000 to 90,000 thoughts everyday.

Most of them are the same thoughts as the day before.

I know that a lot of my negative thoughts about myself that I’ve had over the years, I’ve had consciously at least 10 or more times a day, unconsciously who knows how many times…..

That would equate to roughly 146000 times that I’ve consciously thought that thought over a 30-40 year time frame.

Think about anything that many times and you’ll end up convincing yourself that is true!

Not only did I think that thought, but I felt that thought, experienced that thought, felt the emotions of that thought in my body, felt that it was true, looked for the evidence to support it….

This builds neural pathways in the brain that become super highways, making it easier and easier to think and feel these beliefs, even when they feel shitty and disempower us.

And to think that you should be able to just question this belief once and think it “should” have been dealt with already, is honestly setting yourself up for failure.

In my own experience and from working with 1000’s of people over the past 12 years, healing can take time.

In some cases, a lot of time…..

We can read about someone’s “quick” transformation and be fast to judge ourself or the process.

Honestly some things I’ve been able to shift fast and other things tend to be a reoccurring theme, that I work through easier, faster and quicker each time.

Some of my thoughts I’ve questioned and continued to release daily for 6 months or even 2 years, before they’ve let go fully and no longer appear in my daily experience.

Was it worth it?

Absolutely, these thoughts have paralysed me and kept me stuck for 32 + years of my life, and now I don’t have them anymore. They simply no longer arise in my mind.

That is pure FREEDOM!

With other thoughts though, I’m still questioning, and releasing as they pop up in slightly different variations. I need their approval, I’m not successful enough…..

Everytime I do the process and question my disempowering beliefs, I feel immediately better AND I know I am just peeling another layer of the onion.

Our thoughts and beliefs are absolutely like onions, layers and layers of them, every time we shed a layer, we don’t know how many layers are left, but you can tell that you feel a bit lighter, a bit freer, a bit more you.

I want to be super transparent with this, because in the coaching industry it can be thrown around that “I changed my belief’s and my life” and we imagine that it just happened with a click of a finger and if we find we can’t do that, then we can make it mean that we are failing in some way or there’s something we aren’t getting, or something wrong with us……

No, it’s honestly just consistently doing the inner work…..

Being prepared to show up day in, day out, to keep healing and transforming these beliefs, until they no longer arise.

Often there is years and years of awakening, healing, preparing, overcoming, embodying, implementing and integrating that happen, that may bring a person to a place of experiencing exponential growth and results in their life.

So please don’t judge yourself based on “how fast” your own healing journey is taking you.

We are all moving in our own divine timing.

We are all opening and blossoming when we are meant to, just as a rose does.

And also stay committed to your healing journey.

Keep applying the processes,

Keep believing in a better future for yourself,

The moments we think things aren’t working, is honestly when we are growing the most.

If you are consciously AWARE of what is happening, or the cycle you are repeating, or what you are doing, then that is 90% of the game WON.


Setting yourself up with daily habits that consistently improve your belief systems,

That consistently support you to raise your energy and frequency,

That consistently are taking you in the direction of your dreams,

Means your healing is INEVITABLE.


Enjoy the journey,

I know it’s messy as F%$!

And exhausting at times,

But allow yourself to go deep,

To feel the feels,

To be where you are,

You will look back on who you are today,

And be so GRATEFUL, for the work you did.

I love you,

Sal x


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