It’s ok to take a step back…

Sometimes we need to take a step back to step forward….

Making big decisions in life can feel hard at times,

The road we are currently going down isn’t always the right one for us.

It can bring up so much fear because the mind wants so much certainty, so we end up putting off the big decisions because we want to make the RIGHT decision,

Only to never end up making a decision,

Which is actually a decision in itself.

Yet making the big decisions are so necessary to move forward and is part of taking RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY for our lives….

If things feel like you are constantly trying to push S&%T uphill, then chances are you’re out of alignment in this area of your life.

I’ve been feeling this way in one area of my life for the last 6 months.

I’ve thrown everything at it, trying to make it work,

Trying to get into alignment with it,

Trying to figure it all out,

I’ve done belief work,

I’ve done visualisations,

But deep down in my core, I found it truly difficult to get my energy behind it fully, because ultimately it wasn’t what I truly wanted.

I value my determination and tenacity, these are such important traits to have as a business owner and an entrepreneur, but sometimes when things continually feel like they’re not working, or that they feel so hard, it’s actually an orange or red light, letting us know we need to pause and re-evaluate.

Is this what I’m truly wanting, or is my heart telling me differently?

Am I just doing this, because I believe it will give me something else I desire, even though I don’t want to do the thing I’m doing?

Please hear, there’s a real difference, between coming up against an obstacle or some resistance, knowing you’ve got some shitty beliefs in the way, OR things continually not working in the way you are wanting them to.

There is no failure in changing your mind,

There is no failure in anything,

Just learnings,

Learning what you love and what energises you,

Learning more about what you value and what you don’t,

Learning what works for you and what doesn’t,

Learning what you truly want and what you don’t.

Letting go of something you’ve been trying to continually push forward, that has felt continually difficult is more than ok, especially if you know that deep down, it’s no longer a fit for you, or it’s now misaligned with your values.

Letting go of these things, without shame, guilt, or feeling that you are a failure, truly will allow you to follow your heart’s guidance, with fresh energy.

All that energy that you’ve been pouring into that hole, gets to come back to you so that you can use it in a way that moves you in the direction of your heart and into greater alignment with your soul’s truth.

Where do you feel that things have been a continual struggle?

Where do you need to pivot?

Are you trying to get something you desire by doing something you truly don’t want to do and doesn’t align with your highest values?

When I’m in this place, I surrender it all to the universe and I continually affirm, “I’m open to creative possibilities.”

You don’t need to know HOW things can change, but stepping into the energy AS IF THINGS HAVE ALREADY CHANGED, is exactly what’s required to receive the answers you’ve been seeking.

Sometimes things just need a small tweak or a pivot.

Sometimes we need to truly evaluate what we REALLY desire and want, and make some big decisions that bring us into greater alignment with this.

2023 is THE YEAR to personally align ourself with our heart’s desire and our authentic truth.

If you have the courage to squarely look these things in the face and make your big girl decisions,

I honour you,

I see you,

I feel you.

It’s not always easy,

But it’s so necessary to fully live a life that you truly love!

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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