It’s time to break free

It’s time to break free!!

What are the BS Stories that you tell yourself everyday? 

These are the sneaky little statements that you say to yourself in the background, that cause you suffering, that denigrate your self-esteem and confidence, that zap your energy and harm your sense of self-worth…… 

These sneaky little buggers may have been around for years….. 

You may have said them to yourself for so long now, that you actually believe them to still be true.

This is painful. 

It’s time to become aware of them. By taking notes and writing them down to truly question them, you may be totally shocked when you become fully consciously aware of just what you say to yourself…. 

And it’s also time to love them, embrace them and thank them….. 


Because these stories were once pro-survival for you. It sounds crazy but it’s true, the parts of yourself that appear to hate you or criticise you the most, actually love you the most….. 

Take a moment to really feel that and let that sink in….. 

They were trying to protect you…..

They loved you so much, they were doing all they could to help you survive and be who you thought you needed to be, so that you would be accepted, loved and fit into your birth family. 

The more critical your Mum, Dad or caretakers were, the louder this inner critic voice will be for you. 

I don’t agree with dissing our inner mean girl or inner critic. 

She needs to be loved, she needs to be thanked and appreciated and also reassured that you are now an adult and you’ve got this. 

That’s when she will feel safe enough to back down and to not be so loud in your head. 

She is your greatest protector. She has tried to help you so much over the years, and now, it’s time to help her have a rest. 

She’s exhausted from stressing so much and worrying so much and trying to shape you into who everyone else wanted and needed you to be for them. 

By getting to know your inner critic, and the constant dialogue that she has with you, that causes you pain and suffering and makes you feel like rubbish, you learn how to embrace her and work with her. 

By sending her love, (not hatred or telling her to rack off) you will calm her fears and she will begin to trust that you have got your own back, more and more. 

This is true self-love. 

Embracing all parts and aspects of ourself. 

By continuing to evaluate the BS stories that seem to just be on repeat in our own head, and to continue to challenge and change the narrative. 


To see your inner light.

To know your inner Goddess and your Higher Self, so you can call on her for assistance when your inner critic is freaking out and getting really loud. 

To know your own magnificence so that even though you may forget your divinity temporarily (we all do at times)

You won’t ever completely buy into the BS stories fully again. 


This is growth.

This is expansion.

This is true joy and living from your heart centre.


Your inner critic comes from your wounded ego. 

She needs your love.

She is not who you truly are, 

She is a fragmented aspect. 


It’s time to embrace her and all of the stories into your heart,

Into your love,

Absorbed into your fullness, 

Transcending the fear,

Transmuting it all into pure love,

Pure wholeness

And pure joy.


This is the truth of who you really are. 


With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,


Sal xox



Every time I allow my energy to dip below a certain level, my own inner critic gets louder and louder. 

This is why your physical energy and supporting yourself to have vitality and vibrancy every day, helps to lead a much more fulfilling and happier life. 

Because your inner critic is like your protector and guardian, the lower your energy levels are, the more she will become loud, critical and defensive because she is fear based and she’s living in a state of hypervigilance and trying to keep you safe. 

This is why burnout perpetuates burnout, the more exhausted we are, the more negative we become, eroding our own sense of confidence, self-love and self-esteem, causing more and more exhaustion, more and more hypervigilance and more and more negativity. 

It’s honestly such a tough cycle to break through and takes knowing and understanding what’s going on and often at this point, having an expert guide you through this and out the other side means the difference of a few months to recover, v’s years and years to recover. 

If you have a super loud inner critic and you don’t know what to do with her and it’s causing you pain, making you feel like rubbish, it’s time to gift yourself the skills to fully embrace her and work with her. 

It will amplify your self-love, improve all of your relationships (we become hypersensitive to criticism with a loud inner critic) , improve your finances and your wealth and you will be able to make greater, more conscious choices everyday that are fully aligned with your values, your authenticity and your integrity. 

If you are ready to step into greater joy, happiness and wellbeing, book your call with me today.
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