The story that I tell about myself everyday massively impacts every area of my life…..

I was constantly pushing myself, always striving needing to be better than I was the day before, needing to do better, needing to accomplish more and more….

I felt like I was never good enough,

That it didn’t matter what I did or got done that day, it was never enough, I felt that I should have got more done….

For a while this story, these beliefs were actually resourceful, kind of….

In some ways it kept me going, kept me striving for an unobtainable place of perfection or state of being….

But only to a point….

Staying in that energy permanently, meant heart break.

It meant complete and utter burn out.

It meant constantly feeling that I wasn’t enough.

It meant constantly feeling that I was failing, even though I was trying so hard.

Internally I was breaking my own heart and soul,

Over and over again.

Constantly feeling unbearable pressure and overwhelm on what I needed to do and get done everyday,

Constant anxiety on not being enough or doing enough…

Hyper focused on outward success, to finally prove, that I was enough….

And I discovered, it is an endless cycle…..

That with that type of thinking and mindset,

There’s no type of action or doing or success that will ever be enough.

It’s like saying that I should have more money in the bank than I do.

It’s an impossible statement that I can’t ever fulfil.

The only way for me to ever exit this hamster wheel was to change my belief system.

To let go of the old story, that I told myself again and again, based on my past life experiences and the MEANING that I had attached to those life experiences…..

I have the power to rewrite my story every day…

And the true story I choose to tell from my Heart allows me to serve my Right Place in the Cosmic Plan…. (Thank you to the beautiful Karen Curry Parker for this nugget of wisdom.)

By doing this, I set myself free!!! (What an amazing feeling of lightness, power and joy that is!)

By doing this, I created a new life path, and new vibrational/emotional state that I get to live into everyday.

By doing this, I feel super proud of myself for ANY action I take that progresses me towards my goals and hearts desires.

By doing this, I get to fall in love with my daily processes and get back to loving my life, instead of being hyper focused only on the end result.

By doing this, I prevent burnout and heal previous burn out and release so much pressure and expectation of needing to be

I give myself complete permission to rest when I know I need to.

I feel aligned, joy, and excitement for who I am and how I choose to live my life.

And results and opportunities flow to me sooooo much easier!

Now I magnetically attract amazing things into my life.

I’m no longer “chasing, pushing and striving” for what I want….

I live into the joy, the freedom of being and things work out so much easier!

So beautiful, what stories about your life are you holding onto, that continually disempower you, make you feel like rubbish and do not honor the TRUTH of who you are?

Gorgeous, it’s time to let these go…..

It’s time to really get truthful with the consequences of holding onto these beliefs, and to choose to create a new empowering story.

It’s time to set yourself free, to create with ease, joy and flow and live into the truth and freedom of who you really are.

It’s time to free yourself from the exhaustion of constantly trying to push yourself, to feel that you are enough. (Underneath this energy, is a huge fear of not being worthy.)

It’s time to KNOW in YOUR HEART that you are INHERENTLY WORTHY.

That there is NOTHING to PROVE!

That you are a PRECIOUS and VITAL part of the human tapestry that creates this world.

That you have a UNIQUE and VITAL role to play with the unfolding of human evolution…..

This is YOUR TIME.

It’s time to let go of the baggage from the past weighing you down and to SOAR.

It’s time to feel AMAZING and LOVE who you ARE.

It’s time to really VALUE YOU and feel PROUD of you EVERY DAY!

If you are READY to set yourself FREE,

If you are READY to get back to THRIVING and LOVING your life AGAIN and feel in total FLOW, EASE and JOY,

Then beautiful, click below to book your FREE Call with me today.
Book your call!

Let’s get clear on what is the painful story that you keep telling

yourself, and get you CLEAR on A PLAN on how you get to TRANSFORM this, create a NEW POWERFUL story and live into all you KNOW that you are MEANT for!

Let’s get you back to your REAL TRUTH, click below  to set yourself FREE today!
Be FREE today!


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