Let me Re-Introduce myself

Hey beautiful soul fam!

It’s so wonderful to be connecting with so many beautiful new people, that I thought it was timely, after losing my entire Facebook accounts biz, personal and insta back in January that I should re-introduce myself.

So I’m a soul/heart led entrepreneur, that has had my own healing/holistic 6 Figure business for the past 12 years.

I initially started off with my Kinesiology clinic in 2010 and then morphed that into online coaching in 2016, as I was looking for some more time, location freedom for myself and my beautiful girls so we could go away on school holidays.

I was a solo provider for my girls for 12 years (they are now aged 19 & 21) and they have now also flown the nest and 18 months ago

I relocated to the beautiful Warners Bay area (near Newcastle) from my home town Coolamon/Wagga Wagga area, with my wonderful man Tim.

We’ve been on an incredible and challenging healing journey together and I’m so blessed and grateful for the life and love we now get to share together as a result of the inner work we committed to.

Growing up as a country girl, I’ve always loved to camp, be outside and in nature and coming to Warners Bay has been like arriving at my favourite playground and never wanting to go home!!! So much to see and do outside and Tim and I are both adventurers, be it paddleboarding, hiking or biking, we love the outdoors.

One of my biggest fears is not fulfilling my full potential and like so many women I speak with, I have a fear of failing and a fear of success.

I have definitely ran the story of feeling that I’m not enough many times in my life. I’m glad I’m so aware of it now and get to change all of these fears, each time they pop up.

One of my largest passions, apart from watching a beautiful sunset with my love, or riding on the back of his motorbike, or random weekend trips away with my girls, is truly supporting women to break free of their own disempowering stories, that are holding them back and impacting their health and wellbeing, as I lived most of my life up until my early 30’s in disempowerment, so it’s something that is close to my heart.

I support and empower women in two ways;

One, through my years of Kinesiology and Coaching and noticing all of the patterns we experience as humans, I’ve created an incredible 12 Week Thrive program which supports women to Overcome Burnout and Reclaim their health, we heal the body physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, supporting them to step into full acceptance and love for who they are.

Not only that, but through specific testing we understand exactly what support the physical body needs to heal, as well as giving my wonderful clients very specific tools and strategies, to clear the emotions and thoughts that have been impacting the body metaphysically, causing dis-ease.

Many times it’s learning how to navigate and set appropriate boundaries in relationships and workplaces and to overcome coping mechanisms such as the fixer/rescuer, denial and dissociation and so much more.

And the second way I support women’s empowerment, was also recognising that so many women were feeling stuck in jobs and situations that were no longer aligned for them, and when I found a financial vehicle and strategy that supports women to create so much time, location and financial freedom with a proven system and so much mentorship and support through affiliate marketing and a beautiful health product being the Kangen water machine that reduces inflammation and promotes healing in the body, it was a perfect fit for my business also.

Since my marriage breaking down in 2008 it has been a beautiful journey of reclaiming all of myself, there’s so many twists and turns that life took me on as my journey unfolded and I learnt so many strategies and tools and nuances that have all supported me to create the life I currently live.

Location free, working the hours I want, from where I want, with who I want in a way that truly supports my wellbeing and get’s the results for my clients.

Learning so much about the art of manifestation, how I create my reality and creating and achieving my beautiful life long visions is what my heart and soul continually guides me towards in this ever unfolding incredible life journey that we get to live and create.

Oh and I’d have to say my favourite food is 90% lindt chocolate and Sweet potato fries!

I’d love to hear what’s something that most people don’t know about you?

With Love and Blessings,

Sal xx


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