Life is a big mirror…

One of the most valuable principles I share and teach my business coaching clients is how EVERYTHING is a reflection of their thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

I actually teach this concept to all of my clients, regardless of if they are wanting to work on their health, their relationships, how they feel about themselves, or their financial well-being.

Everything and I mean everything, is a reflection of what we are creating in our world and what our soul intended us to experience in order to become who we fully are. Sometimes life gives us what we need, and not what we want…..

(And I know this can be so hard, in the most difficult of circumstances. It’s not always easy to find this at the moment, but over time, for myself, I’ve found that even in the most difficult of circumstances in my life, it has actually been what I needed in order for my soul to evolve and to learn what I needed to, in order to become more fully who I am.)

When we realize everything in life is happening for us, for our soul growth, for our soul’s evolution, and for our greatest awareness, we can embrace life in a different way.

It can become one of the most profound playgrounds with which we experience life AND we get to take 100% Radical responsibility for our life and what we are experiencing each day.

I see everything as a mirror, I am acutely aware of what I attract and what I experience and I’m constantly curious as to what shows up in my life.

I know many people teach others to only focus on what they can control in life…..

Clearly, we can’t control other’s actions, behaviours, and what they choose to do. However, we have a much greater influence than we think.

Especially when it comes to experiences with others, that impact or affect ourself.

If I am experiencing something that is unwanted by someone else, I learnt a long time ago, that pushing against that or trying to control that person or situation is fruitless, and I experimented with aligning myself, to the highest outcome of what I desired in that experience with that person.

It’s true, we can’t control others, but what I’ve experienced again and again, is that resolutions are found, challenges drop away, and win/win solutions are created when we come from full alignment

within ourself.

Therefore, I started to use my business as a way of experimenting with this concept. (For HD peeps I’m a 3/5 profile )

If I had several no-shows or cancellations, I would look at where I wasn’t showing up for myself in life, or where I perhaps didn’t want to “show up” in my business.

If I had people wasting my time or not honouring or respecting my time, I would look at where I was wasting my own time, or not respecting or valuing my own time.

If I had people that were skeptical I could help them, I would look at where was I not rock solid in my belief in myself.

If I had people that were saying they didn’t have the money to pay me, or couldn’t afford my services, I would look at where was I in lack, fear, and scarcity with money, or not valuing myself and how I can truly help people.

If I had people that were loving and appreciating me and the work that I do, it was also in direct correlation and timing with the self-love work I had been doing on myself.

If I was attracting more soul mate clients, that were an amazing fit with me, it was always in direct correlation to me feeling a greater sense of appreciation for getting to work with amazing clients that I love working with.

Every single thing that has shown up in my business, has shown me a reflection of where my thoughts, where my feelings and where my beliefs were at. It’s been a great gift, to be able to constantly learn, grow and expand from this place.

When we can use business as a way to grow and expand spiritually and develop ourself personally it becomes one of the best and most rewarding playgrounds to play in!

Without this mindset shift, I’ve found business can become incredibly stressful and leave us feeling out of control, even powerless, and at the mercy of economies, markets, and our customers. I don’t believe this is true for one second, yet so many live their lives like this.

Everything is a reflection of what we are focusing on, feeling, and telling ourself.

This is why your relationship with yourself, is one of the most important relationships that you can ever develop.

How you see yourself matters.
What you think about yourself matters.
What you believe to be true about yourself matters.
What you think you can or think you can’t do matters.

And the best part is, you have the power to change this, if it’s not where you’d like it to be.

Love and Blessings,

Sal x


If you would love to up-level your relationship with yourself to expand and grow every area of your life, your business, your finances, your relationships, and your health, this is my jam!

I live and breathe this, and it’s how I’ve created such radical changes in my own life by embodying these principles and understanding these keys.

I work with my clients in a super intuitive way and help them identify the true blocks that are stopping them from moving forward and creating the results they desire and give them the tools and strategies to continue their internal and external growth.

If you would love to apply to work with me 1:1, email me today at, spaces are minimal. (I only have two places left this month.)

Big love, Sal x

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