Life is what you make it.

Just thought I’d share a little excerpt from my Mumma Bear’s Guidebook (one of the books I’ve written for my girls.) xx

Life is What you Make it.

Right now, in this very precise moment, no matter what has happened, no matter what is happening or no matter what you think might happen, life is what you make it.

We are all born as divine creators. We have come into this life, with a unique soul and life purpose. A curriculum of sorts to explore to dabble in, to experiment with, to mess up, to get it right, to get it wrong, to make mistakes, and to have a million chances literally re-presented to you again and again until, you make the choice that aligns with your heart the most.

Of which you will know with your whole heart because you will feel it resonate deeply within your being.

Be careful of those that you let into the depths of your mind, for they will have the greatest and most powerful subtle, yet strong influences on who you are, how you feel about yourself, how you choose to live your life, whether or not you live in integrity, honesty and your own ultimate truth of what is correct and right for you.

And when I say that, I’m not meaning what is morally correct, I’m meaning, what aligns with you personally on a deep level, that brings you your greatest joy, that creates and promotes sustainable well-being and vitality, that which lights your heart up, that which enhances your life and is self-affirming and that which not only feels like but brings abundance into your life.

When you choose to follow your heart in life, you will always end up, in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, doing the right things, and again “right” is used in the context of what brings you the greatest joy, abundance, and wellbeing.

That which has you expressing your unique, right, and vital place in this beautiful tapestry of humanity.

You are a gift, and life is a gift. You are a one-time miracle, that has come into this life, to live your life purpose, and in its most simplest form, that is you just being you.

What a gift!

All of life is a gift, it is truly through the eyes of our own perception, that we make it what it is. xx

With Love and Blessings

Sal x

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