Make your vision so clear your fears become irrelevant…

You cannot create something if you don’t know what it is….

Over the years, I’ve had so many people say to me, I just want to be happy.

Yet they have no idea of what that looks like, or what that would specifically be for them,

How they would be living their life, what they would be doing each day, how would they be feeling, how would they treat and look after their body, how would they show up in their relationship.

So how do you hit a target, or even drive to a destination if you don’t know what it is?

It’s pretty hard right?!!!


Getting clear, tangible and specific was one of the most important things I needed to learn in order to create what I wanted in life…

Especially if you are like me and have big, expansive thoughts and ideas.

Yet three things, stops people from getting clear, they are.

  1. They know exactly what they DON’T WANT and are super focused on that. (And keep on attracting situations those same situations again and again.)
  2. They have the belief that: I can’t have it, it’s wrong to have it, or it won’t happen for me. (So they push down their real desires and tell themselves, I don’t know what I want.)


  1. They believe, if I do create what I want, I will lose something that’s valuable to me, such as my health, my relationship, time with family and loved ones, freedom, money, security etc…. (So they diminish themselves and continually hold themselves back from creating this, out of the fear of losing what they most value.)

Value conflicts and disempowering beliefs are the biggest things that get in the way of being clear in your energy and being absolutely crystal clear in your Vision of knowing what you want.

Without clarity and vision, it’s literally like trying to drive a car with a completely muddy windscreen.

You will feel lost.

You will feel directionless.

You will feel unclear.

You will feel it’s so difficult to make decisions.

You will feel afraid to move forward.

You will feel aimless and empty……

You will lose passion and zest for life…

And eventually you will wonder what the point of it all is….

To live a purposeful life, takes absolute clarity.

It takes courage to decide what you want, especially if you’re used to letting others decide for you.

It takes tenacity and determination to stay committed to the path, after you’ve decided.

It takes conviction and a huge reason why, in order to create something new, to change your life, to step into creating your dream life more and more.

But the first step is clarity…..

Don’t get so stuck in feeling lost and aimless.

You have an important life mission and purpose to live.

You have dreams and goals locked inside of you that are ready to be unleashed.

You have power beyond your imagining that will light your heart and soul up, when you start utilising it.

If you’ve felt so stuck for such a long time, if you are not clear on what you specifically want, if you are not taking action, if you are feeling exhausted and tired, because you are stuck in situations that no longer serve you.

Then it is time to get CLEAR. Book your Clarity Call with me now:

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Let’s get you 100% clear.

Let’s get you excited about your life again.

Let’s get you stepping into possibilities and freedom, exhilaration and joy!

It’s time to get your zest and passion back,

It’s time to live your dream life.

With Love and Blessings,

Sal xx

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