Maybe you needed to hear this today.

If there was ONE thing that I could shout from the roof tops for all the world to hear,
It would be every person on this planet, FULLY KNOWING that YOU are so, so, so deeply LOVED.

I know at times, we feel alone,
I know at times, we feel that things aren’t going in the direction we want them to,

I know at times, our ego survival mind really has us convinced that we aren’t enough,
Or that we haven’t done enough, or we should be different in some way, shape or form.

I know that sometimes through the pain of the ego survival minds past narrative, we BELIEVE that we are separate, that perhaps we don’t belong, or that we don’t fit in…..


When we drop fully into SOUL,
When we drop fully into the TRUTH of our HEART.

More than enough.

We are POWERFUL beings,
We are ASPECTS OF DIVINITY, expressing themselves.


We are so, so, so very loved.

Just for this moment,
Just for Today,

Choose to feel this deeply,
Choose to surrender into being held and supported by DIVINE LOVE,

Choose to KNOW you are ENOUGH.
Choose to come back to YOU.

Choose knowing the TRUTH of who you REALLY are.

All the Love,

Sal x

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