Morning Motivation!

Yesterday I was feeling a bit flat, (I’m in the lower part of the end of my cycle and have still been processing some pretty big emotions….)

Have you ever woke up and felt that way?

I wanted to share this simple, fast, and easy tip with you, as it made a massive difference to my energy for the WHOLE DAY, and it has continued to feel so uplifting even this morning, at 4 am!

After going through burnout some time ago, I’ve still noticed the propensity of my mind to swiftly go to worrisome thoughts.

I’ve really had to be so conscious of refocusing on things that are working well and what I’m truly grateful for, as a way of keeping my emotions in an uplifted, upper momentum.

So yesterday morning, when I was feeling a bit flat, I did my normal journaling and then I spent some time tuning into and writing down what I wanted.

At first, it started with just wanting to feel a little bit better, then having more energy, then wanting to drink more water and really flush my body, then doing some meditations, wanting to read more books and study again, and on and on, I wrote almost a full A4 page on what I was wanting and the whole time, it was building my energy, my enthusiasm and my joy for life!

Some of the things I’ve actioned already, like booking a facial with one of my favourite therapists, how incredible, I actually got an appointment for today! (She’s normally booked out for weeks!)

And booking in a Yoga class with one of my beautiful clients, that I can’t wait to meet in person!

And some of the other things, I’ll implement and do more of over the coming weeks.

The point being, it was the exercise of tuning into more of “what I wanted to experience” that brought immediate energy, joy, and excitement back into my system.

I’ve often shared this with my clients, if you notice, that you are focusing on what you don’t want, ask yourself what you do want instead. It’s a powerful way of refocusing.

However giving myself the gift of going on a good rant and journaling on tonnes of ideas of what I was wanting to experience more and more of, truly brought so much energy and enthusiasm again.

It was so fun!!!

I highly recommend taking the 5-10 mins and giving yourself this gift!

You might be surprised by how easy it is to action some of these things and to radically increase your physical, mental and emotional energy and often it’s the simple things, that can bring us the greatest joy.

Wishing you an incredibly magical day!

Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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