My Doctor said I’m fit as a fiddle, but I’m totally exhausted

When I was experiencing the worst of my burnout a few years ago, I went to the doctor and asked them to run some bloods, the tests came back and my doctor looked at me and said you are totally fine, there’s nothing wrong with you physically, and so if you feel you are not ok, then you may need to go down the mental health path.

At that moment, my heart broke…..

Not for myself, I absolutely knew what was going on with me, AND I knew I was NOT physically fine, but my heart broke, for all the women who hear this on a regular basis, and have no idea that they are actually extremely burnt out, often their hormones are so low, they have so much fatigue and their bodies are not ok, but just because the standardised testing doesn’t test for adrenal fatigue, then the medical system can honestly end up gas lighting women who are burnt out.

I know that may sound extreme, and I know it’s not intentional gas lighting, but telling someone they are completely physically ok when their hormones are smashed is not ok, and as a woman, if you don’t know what’s going on, you may wonder if you’ve lost your mind, or you just need to pull yourself together and soldier on, and this is simply the WORST thing that you can do if you are already burnt out.

The reason I’m sharing this today is that I had another women reach out to me today and literally say her Dr said, she is fit as a fiddle, yet she is exhausted and burnt out……

It reminded me of how passionate I am about getting this message out.

So many women are misdiagnosed with anxiety and depression and given a band-aid solution for life, when bringing their body back into balance again would actually have them feeling their old spark and joy again.

If you resonate with this and you are struggling with your health and energy, I strongly invite you to book in a 15 min chat with me. It’s not normal to feel so exhausted and fatigued, it’s not normal to feel numb in your body and have massive brain fog. It’s not normal to feel that you just should pull yourself together and get on with things…..

Our culture needs healing.

Stress and exhaustion, should not be normalised…..

If you’d like to see my live video from today, where I explain the 3 steps I use to help my clients reduce and eliminate burnout in just 12 weeks or less, then click below to watch the video.

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With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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