My highest value is love…

More specifically divine love and feeling deeply connected with my own inner being, my higher self and the whispers of my heart.

Being this, feeling this, expressing this, is what brings me the greatest joy in my life.

If I waver or wobble from it, I do my best to come back to this experience, this feeling, this expression as fast as I can.

It takes me out of fear, worry, stress and scarcity,

It takes me out of self-doubt or insecurities,

It takes me out of judgement and criticism,

It takes me out of comparisonitis,

It takes me out of pressure, striving and proving,

It takes me out of feeling that I have to be controlling everything.

It allows me to breathe deeply,

It allows me to trust and surrender,

It allows me to just be,

It allows me to create with joy,

It allows me to be in flow with life,

It allows me to be delighted and surprised with what shows up and how things fall into place,

It allows me to express my authentic self without fear,

It allows me to know and deeply feel that I am enough.

I truly believe that it is my life purpose to be joyfully radiating love

and there’s so many ways that I get to express that and be that.

I get to radiate love on my morning walk, as I feel the depth of connection with nature, with the morning, with the people I connect with and smile to each day.

I get to experience and express love in my divine partnership with my beautiful man.

I get to experience and express so much love with my beautiful girls on snapchat, on facetime and in our daily messages or just anytime I’m thinking of them, my heart swells with so much warmth and love for them.

I get to express so much love to my beautiful clients, who it is a true blessing, privilege and honour to work with. To feel them so deeply with the incredible soul journey that they are all on.

I get to experience so much love for life, for nature, for mother earth on my morning beach walks.

I get to experience and express so much love for the blessings I have in my life as I look around our wonderful house and feel immense gratitude for the life we have and what we’ve created.

I get to experience and feel so much love and gratitude for so many mentors, coaches and guides that I have met along the way and fellow soul companions I’ve met along the path and my heart smiles with so much love when I think of them and the many in-depth conversations I’ve had with them. Often baring our souls deeply.

I get to feel so much love and gratitude for my dear friends, who some have been a season and others a lifetime and I’m so grateful for all of them and the incredible times we’ve had and the growth

I’ve experienced from all of those situations and experiences…..

Just even writing this, my heart is overflowing with so much love, I have the biggest smile on my face and my soul is filled with immense gratitude for this life that I’m living.

What is your highest value and how do you get to experience it and express it every day?

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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