My voice was shaking, but I spoke up anyway….

I was in tears late last week…

Which seemed crazy after having such an incredible week and feeling so aligned and so many things coming into fruition.

Yet growth is growth…..

And unfortunately/fortunately all growth comes with some really uncomfortable wobbles and stepping more and more into our true authentic self as we unravel and let go of the layers of people-pleasing and conditioning that we’ve mostly all been programmed to, from society.

For the first time in a long time, I found myself speaking up more and more, putting myself out there more and more, definitely moving beyond my comfortable edges and stepping into new and unknown territory and that also meant risk.

It meant vulnerability.

It meant being seen in a way that is not always comfortable for me.

It meant perhaps even being misunderstood or perceived in a way that is not who I am, because of others filters and beliefs.

I had so many triggers come up this past week, from when I was 15 and 16, fear of failing, fear of succeeding and how both of those things could impact me….

Shame from standing out.

Fear of letting others down.

And my nervous system felt very stretched, so much so that I needed to process a lot of emotion. Letting go of the fear, the grief, the triggers that had kept me bound and stuck, holding me back in the past.

No longer pushing those feelings down, but feeling them fully and processing them ALL…

Being willing to be wildly messy and dive into it fully.

Yet this is the process of growth and stepping into our own truth and having the courage to share our own truth, our own vision, and our own values.

Because until we do, we will always remain vanilla, the people pleaser, and the good girl.


It means that people will truly know who you ARE and if they resonate and are aligned to that….

And being ok, if they don’t.

It also means no longer being walked over or being on the door mat and saying what we think we need to, to keep everyone else happy.

It means self-respect.

It means showing others how you wish to be treated and not standing for less because you are willing to articulate what is and isn’t ok for you.

It means attracting your soul mate tribe because finally, people know WHO YOU REALLY ARE and WHAT YOU STAND FOR.

It means being willing to let others down because it’s not ok for you.

It means empowering others to SHARE THEIR VOICE.

And this is the gift of it all.

EMPOWERING WOMEN to find their own VOICE.

To set boundaries.

To call BS when they see it.

And to be their FULLEST, MOST AUTHENTIC version of themselves.

To no longer shrink and hide.

To VALUE who they ARE,

To KNOW their internal TRUTH,

To STEP into and RECLAIM their WORTH.

This IS what heals BURNOUT.

But it has to start with a DECISION.

A DECISION that it has to change….

You are AMAZING.


It is time to truly see that, know that and feel that,





Finding your soul mate tribe and epic community that supports you to truly step into your FULL CALLING and your LIFE’S PURPOSE is everything.

And that’s what my amazing friend and mentor Rebekah L Femia have done.

She has fully found her VOICE as an embodied LEADER.

Impacting the lives of 1000’s of WOMEN, including my own in such a POWERFUL WAY!

Saying YES to what lights her SOUL up.

Saying YES to EASE, FLOW, and GRACE.

Setting Boundaries and no longer sacrificing herself to please others.

This is what has supported her to create 7 Figures online and create the most epic life.

And I’ll be Interviewing her LIVE tomorrow at 12:30 pm on Facebook.

If you’d love to know how she has been able to transform her life, and 1000’s of others’ lives by SPEAKING HER TRUTH, then make sure you tune in.

Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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