OMG – I am so excited for this!

Yesterday I mentioned something exciting was coming…and here it is!!!!

Something so exciting, something that is changing the trajectory of people’s lives.

And something that is so IMPORTANT for so many families in this time in history, more than any other time.


A 2 day masterclass like no other is launching inside our private Facebook group from 10- 11AM AEST each day,

This is the POWER HOUR to get the info you need to change your relationship with money forever and be introduced to life changing principals and strategies.

I am so excited to be co-creating inside this space!!

I’d love to invite you to join me inside this 2 day masterclass (45-60 mins on Tuesday the 31st of May and Wednesday the 1st of June at 10am AEST both days) where we will be really giving you a unique experience and introduction to life changing strategies and insights to change your relationship with money.

An invite for you to embody a new way of living with more TIME, more CHOICE, more MONEY and more FREEDOM!

DAY ONE, we will be going deep into:


How to create an amazing relationship with money.

How to activate limitless freedom and abundance

What it means to build a legacy, beyond your lifetime!!

It’s time to stop trading time for money and start making money in a way that you can actually enjoy your time!

And for DAY TWO, we get to THE FREEDOM FORMULA itself!

How to monetise your social media – you’re scrolling already, why not get paid!!

Our proven strategy that you can leverage to create true generational wealth.

What it means and how to leverage automation and duplication systems, so you can spend your time living your life and having FUN!

This masterclass will set you up to know how to build an income that evolves with you as an individual, that celebrates who YOU are;

And will evolve with the ever changing world we live in, so that your financial future is always in YOUR hands.

This is the new way of living on the terms of life that suit YOU!

I’ve got a few tickets to give out for this event for free to those that are committed to watching it and playing full out!

To get access to this conversation, to be a part of this movement, just pop a YES below or send me a message in messenger and I’ll send you the link with all the details.

This is the future of freedom and true wealth in all aspects of life, I can promise you!!

If you KNOW your relationship with MONEY needs to change,

If you ARE exhausted and tired from being in a job that you hate,

If you ABSOLUTELY are committed to changing your finances this YEAR,

If you WANT to be confident of the times AHEAD by creating a SECONDARY income,

If you KNOW you want more time, money and freedom, then don’t miss this AMAZING training!

Change starts with a decision, email me at with the message “YES”, or DM in messenger.

Big Love,

Sal x

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