OMG – I am super excited for this!

Yesterday I mentioned something HUGE was coming…and here it is!!!!

Something so exciting, something that is changing the trajectory of so many Women’s lives!

The Empowered Women, Empowered Wealth Masterclass!!

Helping women to overcome their limiting money beliefs, step into their confidence, find their voice and to understand one of the most powerful strategies and vehicles for creating financial freedom.

More than ever before we need more and more women Rising up, Stepping into their Inner Power, to Speak their Truth with Courage and Confidence.

We are all being called forward to help humanities evolution and stepping into our leadership, living from our hearts and supporting and empowering so many other women to do the same is SO IMPORTANT!!!!

If you have felt a deep inner calling to share your message with the world,

If you know you’ve been settling, and it’s time to grow,

If you know that right now, it’s absolutely critical to get your finances sorted and to create secondary forms of income, to really secure yours and your families futures during these times of great uncertainty,

If you feel called to absolutely be contributing to the greater good in the world,

If you would love to surround yourself with conscious entrepreneurs that are change makers and be uplifted, inspired and cheered on and supported in a powerful container,

Then drop “EMPOWERED” in the comments below or DM me!!!

This incredible Masterclass is on Next Tuesday at 10am AEST!

Learn how to create greater


Location FREEDOM

Financial FREEDOM

Understand how your current relationship with money is impacting your finances.

Discover a powerful strategy of how to STOP trading your time for money.

And connect with so many like minded Women that are all looking to raise each other up and are ready to say YES to their SOUL!

This masterclass will set you up to know how to build an income that evolves with you as an individual, that celebrates who YOU are;

And will evolve with the ever changing world we live in, so that your financial future is always in YOUR hands.

I’ve got a few tickets to give out for this event for free (Value $497) to those that are committed to watching it and playing full out!

To get access to this conversation, to be a part of this movement, just email me at with the message “EMPOWERED” and I’ll send you the link with all the details.

This is the future of freedom and true women’s empowerment in all aspects!!!

Love And Blessings,

Sal xx


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