One of the reasons people don’t heal and how you can…

One of the biggest reasons why women can end up struggling long-term from burnout is that they are only looking at one aspect of healing their body.

If you are purely focusing on healing only your physical body, or worse still get told by your GP, that your body is fine and it’s all in your head, then it’s really hard to heal your body long term.

I personally love the book “The Secret Language of the Body” by Inna Segal. I love it so much, that all of my Thrive Clients, receive it as a gift when they start working with me because it truly helps them to deeply understand and connect the mind and the body connection.

We all know that when we are stressed, it can affect our digestion, our stomach can feel in knots or we can feel sick with worry…

So many ailments in the body are a result of stress, high levels of emotions, and a dysregulated nervous system, from either unhealed past traumas being retriggered or current stresses.

There are many aspects to our well-being and that is why I am so passionate about getting this message out, after working with thousands of people over the last 12 years, to truly help them understand that we need to heal the body, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and that also includes healing our nervous system.

If we don’t, we often experience many cycles of going back through burnout and exhaustion, not setting appropriate boundaries, feeling unworthy or not good enough, and placing ourselves in situations and circumstances and in relationships that are not a true reflection of our value and worth.

If you are still going through burnout and would like to understand this at a deeper level, make sure you watch the live video that I shared today by clicking the button below.

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With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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