Overcoming Overwhelm….

Overwhelming always comes from looking at too much at one time.

Feeling overwhelmed is also massively increased by having a limited capacity to deal with what you feel that you need to.

Feeling overwhelmed is exceptionally prevalent when experiencing burnout.

So much capacity and energy are lost to be able to deal with everyday things.

Things that perhaps you used to handle with ease.

For me personally, it massively impacted not only my sense of self but also my confidence in my own ability.

Being able to work through overwhelm is incredibly important to release feelings of stress and anxiety that continue to perpetuate the burnout cycle.

Step 1.

Brain dump everything that is in your mind, on a piece of paper in front of you. I normally lump items into related categories, such as Home environment, Business, Health, Relationships, etc.

Step 2.

Go through your list and mark true priorities with a 1, that absolutely needs to be done today, or there will be dire consequences.

Then mark everything that is important but not urgent, with a 2.

Truly look at your list and cross off anything that is not urgent and not important.

(Remembering that self-care and time out for you, IS IMPORTANT.)

Step 3.

Plan your day each morning. Take 10 mins to make a list of your TRUE priorities.

Make sure you are being realistic with time frames.

Allow time for self-care.

Don’t overload yourself, especially if your energy is very low, or you are at the end of your monthly cycle. ( I used to put 2-3 days’ worth of things on my list, then beat myself up for not getting it all done.)

Step 4.

CELEBRATE all the things that you did get done, or how you progressed each day.

(Most women that are burnt out, feel that they haven’t done enough or need to, or should have done more, without ever acknowledging what they did do. The feeling of not being good enough, or not having done enough is a crazy hamster wheel that keeps us in a perpetual state of pushing and striving to try to one day be good enough. – The only way you can get off that crazy wheel, is through changing your mindset.)

Most women believe that it’s their work, their job, their business, or their relationship that is causing them to feel extremely burnt out, yet the ONE thing I see again and again with the 1000’s women

I’ve spoken with them over the years, and they feel overly responsible for others and their well-being and underlying beliefs (stemming from their childhood experience), which is the REAL ROOT cause of their burnout.

If you would like to discover the exact ROOT cause of your burnout, and how you can start to immediately eliminate some energy drains to GET YOUR ENERGY BACK, then click below to book your call with me today. I’ve only got a few limited spots left until Christmas.

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Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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