Powerful GIFTS to TRANSFORM your life

Powerful GIFTS to TRANSFORM your life.

There’s a lot to be said for determination. People that have a strong drive, strong work ethics and discipline will also have loads of determination. It’s the grit, the gall, the “never gonna give up” attitude that helps them succeed.

Determination is such a gift. I’m quite sure that people have thought that at times I can be stubborn, impatient, demanding and yes even bossy. You see, I have little patience for letting goals go. For allowing our self to get knocked down, and to stay down. For letting everything get too hard and to let our dreams go. Because to do so, lets a little piece of our heart go EVERY SINGLE TIME.

When I let my dreams die, a small part inside of me dies with it. It may only be subtle at first, but do that enough times and I can tell you, it hurts. It hurts so bad, to feel so empty, so numb, with little self-esteem left, with zero passion, zero fight, zero will to live, because over time we let things go, so subtly at first, but before we know it, we have lost who we are and what is important to us.

The fire inside goes out.

I know because, at one point in my life, I let my determination go. Not completely, but 99% of it was surrendered and at times, it gets challenged, as too much, too disciplined, too rigid, too demanding on myself. But without this stuff called determination, I would still be a struggling single Mum, constantly doubting her worth, feeling like she was dying inside from fear and anxiety and scared about how she could afford the cost of surviving, let alone giving her children the opportunities that she really wanted to.


It makes me hard, tough and rigid. Resilient and STRONG. Independent and POWERFUL.

And it’s BECAUSE of this, that my soft, gooey, feminine essence can arise from within, as my energies balance through this PRECARIOUS journey. You see, without the protection of my POWERFUL masculine side coming through, my feminine does not feel SAFE enough to allow it to be seen.

I share this with you, not because you need to hear ramblings of my past, god forbid! But because I’m sure there will be a part of you that resonates. A part of you that has made another part of you wrong for a long time. A part of you that you supressed and felt guilt and even maybe shame about, just as I did about feeling too disciplined, too committed, too determined.

A part of you, that really actually is a GIFT. What is it in you that you have pushed down and suppressed? When YOU decide to own ALL OF YOU, this becomes your GIFT. Some of the following journaling questions come from Rebecca Campbell’s book “Rise Sister Rise”. I highly recommend reading this if you haven’t already.

What is it that people have said that you are “too much of”? Too emotional? Too overbearing, too opinionated, too sexual, too passionate?

This is your unique strength.

What does this unique gift demand from you in order to nurture it?

This is your medicine, needed to nurture and grow your gift, in order to fully utilize it as your gift to share with the world.

What needs to change in your life, or within you, so that you may share your gift more fully with the world as a powerful catalyst for positive change?

What is it that you now need to share?

How could you express this GIFT more fully in a powerful and positive way?

Embrace ALL of you, the LIGHT and the DARK. For to only embrace and accept the parts of you that you think are ok, is CONDITIONAL love. When we do this to our self, we can’t help but also project that onto others in the form of judgement and criticism.

We are here to GROW into LOVE. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, accepting the good, the bad and the ugly. Not from a place of not having standards, for our self and responsibility for our all of our behaviour, but through LOVE that we transcend the illusion of FEAR and JUDGEMENT and from that place, true CHOICE arises, not through obedience, need to, or have to, but through CHOOSING WHO WE ARE and what we wish to DEMONSTRATE TODAY as a result of that.

So much LOVE to you all.

Sal xox

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