Powerful Life Principals….

I was listening to a powerful training yesterday and it covered these life principals that when I listened to them, I realised how powerful they were and how much these had contributed to how I have been able to truly change my life and I wanted to share them with you today.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on them as well, or if there are any other life principals that you’ve found that have been super powerful for you.

1. Self-Determination – Your past does not define you. There is always a choice to be made, in how we choose to respond to any life circumstance, what we make it mean and what actions we choose to take, and who we choose to become as a result of those things.

Victor Frankl’s book “A man’s search for meaning” is a powerful example of self-determination.

2. Self-Responsibility – You are responsible for your actions, your choices, and your belief systems. When we blame our past, ourself, our parents, or situations in life, we are literally giving our power away to those things that we blame.

Self-responsibility is choosing to respond and take action to create what you desire enabling you to move forward and not live in victim consciousness.

3. Take action – Take action towards what it is that you wish to create. Learn a new skill, or develop new habits that will serve you in experiencing a life that you desire.

4. No Labels or Diagnosis – Labels and diagnoses’ can keep you stuck in an identity that is not serving you, it can become something that you may unconsciously blame, or say this is the reason why my life is the way it is.

Whilst understanding more about yourself and what your needs are, through a particular label or diagnosis may be helpful, it is so important to remember that you are an infinite being capable of creating infinite potentials through your beliefs, actions, and behaviours.

5. Improve your Relationships – I truly believe all relationships are a huge mirror for the relationship that we have with ourself. What we take in and how we perceive ourself and our self-talk, is a huge part of how we will also perceive our relationships with others.

If we constantly feel that we are not good enough, we will tend to attract relationships that reflect this back to us, if we value, love, and appreciate ourself, we will attract relationships that reinforce this, and reflect that back.

6. Paradoxes exist in life – there is a divine dichotomy in everything. Even the statement we are all one, is a paradox, as we are all unique and individual as well. It’s being able to accept that two contradictory truths can exist at the same time. (Which our ego/survival mind hates.)

7. Embrace a Sense of Humour – Humour allows us to not take everything so seriously, which also gives way to open-mindedness and being able to see life as a game and can bring joy and a different perspective to challenging situations.

8. Utilising Mentorship – Working with someone who has already created, achieved, or become what it is that you desire to create yourself, can bring exponential growth.

They have already worked out the pitfalls, challenges and blindspots, not to mention having a great strategy and knowing the mindset shifts that need to occur in order to create what it is that you want.

9. Nothing is Universal – We can end up using words such as “they ALWAYS do that”, or “they are NEVER on time.” When we do that with others or ourself, we are generalising and placing limitations on people, ourselves, and situations, this prevents us from seeing a new reality and that things aren’t ALWAYS the same.

We end up overlaying the present with past experiences when we do this, which inhibits our ability to create a new reality for ourself.

10. Find meaning and purpose in life – when we lose meaning in life and a compelling future or have a reason for it all, it can drive a state of depression and complete exhaustion. Meaning and purpose, connect us to our hearts and make it all worthwhile.

Not only that, but with purpose and meaning we can overcome greater fears, challenges, and obstacles, because we there is a deeper reason and purpose that we are working towards.

11. Embrace Growth – Feeling fulfilled in life, comes from feeling that we are progressing, it’s what drives a deeper feeling of joy, passion, enthusiasm, and excitement, is when we feel that we are growing.

It builds a sense of self-worth, self-confidence, and self-belief when we can see that we are evolving and growing, and making progress.

12. Changing perceptions – We are meaning making machines as human beings and when we don’t consciously choose what we are going to make a life event or an experience mean, then we will default to an unconscious one, (for most people this will generally be a disempowering, negative belief from the past.)

When things don’t work out, what do you make it mean? What do you say to yourself? When life gets difficult, what do you say to yourself? What are you making it mean?

Choosing what we make things mean, is our greatest freedom, and the more we consciously DECIDE TO CHOOSE an empowering meaning, it gives us the emotional fuel and internal resources in how we can best choose to respond to that situation.

And last but not least, I would encourage utilising your resources, as a western nation and culture we are so, so, so privileged in so many ways, the fact we can “google search” pretty much anything today, is absolutely mind-blowing.

Not to mention amazing people in your own network, loved ones and their knowledge and life experiences, utilising how we spend our money and on what, we have so many resources available to us, there has never been a better time or opportunity to truly be able to live life on our own terms.

I’d love to hear which one landed or resonated the most for you, or your thoughts on these.

Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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