Purpose brings you Power & Energy!

Do you ever feel like, what is the point of it all?

In our day-to-day struggles to survive and get through the day, we can often forget what is the point of it all? 

And if you’ve ever gotten to the point where you just feel so exhausted, so tired of it all, and kinda feel done with it and maybe feel robotic, or just moving through the motions, then I can relate. 

This happens when we become disconnected with the truth of who we are and when we are pushing and striving and focusing on just getting the list ticked off, rather than using what we are doing, as a way of expressing the core of who we are, from our heart, through our actions. 

At our core we are love, but when we are struggling to just make it through the day, we’ve forgotten that our core self is love and that we are divine creators. Our primal ego survival mind has kicked in instead. 

At that moment, we are coming from a place of fear. 

A place of just needing to get through, a place of trying to get it all done, a place of trying to be enough and in doing so, totally forgetting the purpose of our life. 

 We can end up depleting our energy so fast when living in this state. We give and give until nothing is left. 

By not learning how to give from the heart, which renews and sustains us energetically, but giving from a place of I have to, I need to, I should, I must; this creates an energy of resistance, anger and resentment within our system that continues to deplete, drain and empty us of all joy, if you let it continue. 


Love is the power, 

Love is the energy that sustains us, 

Love is what fills the empty bucket up again to the brim. 

Love is the basis for more life to flow,

Love is the basis for more of everything to flow. 

When we give from our heart, it is effortless, it is joyful, it is fulfilling.

And it makes us smile.


But giving or doing things because we feel we have to,

Giving or doing because we feel that we need to,

Giving or doing things because we feel that we are obligated to, 

Giving or doing things because we won’t get paid otherwise,

It Will never lead to a happy state, 

Nor will it lead to expansion, growth, or evolution. 


The secret is to live from your heart. 

To connect deeply with your emotions and WHY you want to do something.

To connect and align with your own personal values.

To give because it’s who you are and what lights you up, 

Not because you feel that you have to, but because you feel inspired to.


Learning the difference between living from my head, instead of my heart, changed my world in so many ways and I can promise it can change yours as well.


Not only does it massively increase your energy, 

It brings so much joy and personal happiness, 

It makes life worthwhile and brings us deep meaning and purpose to our life. 

It enhances our connection with others and touches our souls deeply. 

And many of my clients have found that they have increased their financial wellbeing as a result of aligning themselves with their heart energy, not to mention reclaiming their health and their life again!


With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,


Sal xox

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P.S. When we live from our head, we are living from a state of fear, stress and pushing ourselves adrenally to get everything done. This is one of the many things that can create burnout.

Constantly pushing so hard, trying to get everything done, ends up numbing us, frustrating us and feeling like nothing is working.

This depletes the body more and more, until one day you’re waking up with massive brain fog, finding it difficult to focus or get anything done, feeling overwhelmed with your life and what’s happening, feeling so numb, blocked and stuck and wondering what the heck is going on with your body, health and energy. 

If this is you Gorgeous, please reach out, you are going through burnout, it’s so important to get proper help and support to navigate this pathway. 

Often deeply held trauma, feeling responsible for everything and everyone and many other beliefs, can keep people stuck in this cycle for years. Send me an email at admin@sallyholden.com.au for more information. xox

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