Raising your energy on a daily basis.

One of the most debilitating things I found while experiencing burnout is the perpetual low vibe that feels almost impossible to shake. 

The foggy head, the stinging eyes, the inability to think clearly, the negative thoughts, the overwhelming feeling of not knowing how I was going to get through my day or get the things done that I truly needed to. 

Some days honestly felt like I was just hanging onto a cliff edge, trying to grip with all my strength just to hold on.

The biggest turning point came for me when I slowly but surely increased my emotional state. 

There are 3 things that are critical to changing any situation in life. 

  1. Our Emotional State
  2. The Story we tell ourselves (What we are making something mean)
  3. The strategy we use

Now logically, most people focus on getting the right strategy…. They look for the right diet, the right way to exercise, the right gym to join, to cut out toxins, to only eat greens and alkalize the body, to meditate, to find the fastest way to lose weight, the quickest way to feel better…… and that’s just to name a few of the strategies when it comes to your health, let alone creating wealth, having happy relationships or raising children just to name a few. 

However, strategy truly is only 20% of it. 

It is actually our emotional state that makes the most exponential difference over time.

Just think about the last time you tried to change something and failed to follow through. 

Our mindset and emotions are absolutely critical as to whether or not we take action, whether or not we keep persevering, whether or not we overcome obstacles on the way to achieving what we want to, whether or not we will consistently keep that action up in our life, once we have achieved our result. (Otherwise, you will have the yo-yo effect occur again and again. Ever lost weight in an unsustainable way, only to put it back on again? Frustrating right!?)

What you think, what you believe and what you make things mean is your story.

What you believe about yourself, what you believe about the world, what you believe about money, work, men, women, relationships, your body etc, becomes the filter that you see and experience and CREATE everything in your life through, therefore your story also massively impacts your emotional state and your personal identity.

Anything that you’ve struggled with in life, I can promise you have a disempowering story and disempowering beliefs around and I can say that with absolute confidence, simply because I’ve seen it in myself again and again and worked with thousands of people over the years.

 When my story changes, so do my life.

And the law of attraction (the law of reflection) will bring you situations and circumstances equal to your beliefs and your emotions. It is constantly a huge big mirror, reflecting back to us everything we believe to be true. 

This is why raising your energy daily, changing your disempowering story (beliefs) and taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY for how you FEEL is so critical to living a happy life, to living a life of health, to having happy relationships, to having joy, to loving who you are, to loving what you are doing, to waking up every day feeling so excited about life!

And it is a critical step in overcoming burnout. 

How much physical energy do you have when you feel depressed and powerless? 

Zero, Zilcho, absolutely nada…. 

How much physical energy do you have when you feel excited, happy, enthusiastic and feel amazing about your life? 

Tonnes, a Gazillion, Amazing!!! Right?

This is why emotional mastery is essential and understanding HOW to change the way you feel and how to clear your limiting beliefs (your story) is the most important step to take BEFORE implementing STRATEGY!

If you truly want to change your life, especially your health, your wealth and your happiness, if you truly are committed to making a decision, drawing a line in the sand and creating your dream life and a future that excites you, then click the button below to book your call.
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Gorgeous, getting these lifelong tools is the biggest gift you can ever give to yourself AND most importantly will forever transform the future of your kids as well.


With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,

Sal xox

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