Receiving gets to be easy…..

Last night I had the blessing and privilege to share some of my wisdom with 30 beautiful women.

Together we spoke about burnout and how easily as women, we can end up pushing ourselves into massive exhaustion, the constant pressure, the feeling that we have to please everyone and keep everyone else happy.

So many women resonated and put their hands up to waking up feeling tired and to not feeling enough.

To feel that we have to do more, we should be doing more, the constant drive to make sure everything is under control….

And so many women said, I know that I need to do self-care, so why aren’t I doing it?????

The thing is the stories we hold about our enoughness, our worthiness, our deservingness, of feeling guilty for receiving, of taking time out for ourself all comes down to our beliefs about receiving….

Just right now, take a breath, now breath out, keep breathing out, keep breathing out, keep breathing out……

Keep breathing out….

Keep breathing out….

Keep breathing out….

Eventually we’ve got to take a breath back in right!!!!

It is totally unsustainable to keep breathing out.

Just the same as it is totally unsustainable to keep giving and not allow yourself to receive.

What if receiving was as natural as breathing.









It was only the indoctrination and messages from society that we have received over many years, that we have to always be the givers to be virtuous and holy, to be good girls and pleasers and to never take.

Taking is very different to receiving…..

It’s greedy to want too much…..

Greed and taking comes from lack, fear and scarcity.

When we come from an abundance mindset,

When we come from there is always enough,

When we trust in our own worthiness,

When we know our own deservingness,

Receiving becomes easy….

Because chances are, you are already receiving, you just haven’t recognised all the ways you currently are.

I know when I drop into lack, fear and scarcity, it’s so difficult to feel gratitude for all that I have.

I’m focused on the lack and the fear, not the abundance that truly surrounds me already.

The abundance of air to breathe,

The abundance of sunshine,

The abundance of rain,

The abundance of food in my fridge and pantry,

The abundance of clothes,

The abundance of beautiful parks and nature that I get to experience,

The abundance of love and friendships in my life.

And so much more!

Your wealth is much more than just money and we are already richer in a million ways than we logically acknowledge and feel everyday.

This is why I am so passionate about supporting women to receive.

Not only does it heal their burnout, when they truly allow themselves to receive and they know deeply from within that they are deserving of it.

But also receiving in a way that comes from ease, grace, trust, faith and belief, is soooooo much fun!!!

Life truly ends up delighting and surprising us in so many ways when we are open to receiving.

Receiving the green lights, receiving the car parks, receiving the wonderful new connections and synchronicities….

But first it all starts with a mindset shift.

Then comes strategy.

But until you make the mindset shift around your money beliefs and you start crafting your true vision of what you desire, it doesn’t matter what strategy it is, chances are you won’t see the opportunity for what it truly is, because limiting beliefs will be blocking you.

Not to mention, if you do see the value of the strategy and the opportunity, chances are you won’t take action because of those limiting beliefs and fears…..

Stepping into the GRACE of RECEIVING instead of massive push, striving and hustle, is like going from walking through a boggy marsh with concrete boots on, to strapping on a jet pack and leaping with full faith that you are going to soar!

This is literally what happens when you allow yourself to shift your mindset.

I’ve experienced it far too many times, to deny it.

It’s how I found my dream house, bought it and moved into it within a 9 day period! (When most people wait at least 42 days for settlement to occur.)

It’s how I took my business to 6 figures and now work location free.

It’s how I attracted my dream soul mate and life partner.

It’s how I’ve healed my body from severe burnout.

And it’s so available for you too.

All that it takes is ONE DECISION,

That this gets to shift for you…..

Are you ready?

If so, PM me or email me at with the message “MINDSET” to get access to the most incredible masterclass that will SHIFT your MINDSET and share the incredible STRATEGY on how you can create an incredible online income from ease, flow and grace and allow yourself to start


Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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