Remember what it’s all for

As you move into the busyness of today, the last minute scurrying, the last minute shop, the last minute things to get ticked off the list, so you can finally get to breathe…… 


Take a moment right now….


Breathe deeply….. 

How do you most want to experience today? 

What primary emotions would you like to feel as you move through your day? 


Stop for a moment and close your eyes,

See your day unfolding in the pure joy of what you are creating for yourself and for loved ones…


See it all done, 

Feel the satisfaction, 

Feel the joy and celebration.


Take a moment to place your hand on your heart.

To feel gratitude for this moment right now.

For the fullness of your life, right now,

For all that is right now.


What’s it all for?

What is most important to you?

What is your heart letting you know in its quiet whisper? 


Take this wisdom deep into your body, 

Feel it deep within and carry it with you during the day.


You’ve got this Gorgeous.


Intention and emotional energy are everything.

We exhaust ourself through the stress, the fear, the anxiety, 

The push, the struggle the trying to get it all done and all perfect.


You don’t have to be perfect,

And you don’t have to get it all perfect, in order for you to have a great day.


Just be you.


Know what’s really important and what it’s all for.

Keep that in the forefront of your mind, as you move into your day.

Centred in love, gratitude, and blessings.


With Love and blessings, 

Always in All Ways,


Sal x



Want to know how to do this everyday in 2022, so you can have an amazing year ahead? 


Then I invite you to come to play with us in the Warrior Goddess Self-Love School!

(Kicking off on the 4th of January).

You will step into a space of inner strength, clarity, and divine wisdom, coupled with the magical and creative powers of the feminine. 

Learning how to love and embrace all of who you are, and to utilize and express your own unique gifts and talents more into the world. 

Understand how to shift your emotional energy and how powerful intention setting can change your life.

In the 4 Weeks of the Self-Love Course, we will be covering:

The course will be delivered in an online format, with a daily training video and journaling prompts 5 days per week, over the 4 weeks, with a Q & A Zoom session at the end to make sure all of your questions are answered. 

You’ll have online access to me during the course to ask any questions that you have as well. 

This course will be $497 normally, however for a limited time and for an extra Chrissy present it will be a $197 upfront payment or 5 x $49 Weekly payments. 

Send me an email at to claim your space, limited spots available! 

Sal x


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