Remember who you are…

When things go wrong in life, as they sometimes will,
What do you make it mean?

Do you make it mean, that you’re not enough?

That you failed?

That it just wasn’t meant to be?

That others can, but it’s just not possible for you?

The greatest FREEDOM we possess as humans is to create and find our OWN MEANING about life and about the events we experience.

What makes the biggest difference to how we HANDLE these events?

It’s the meaning we create about them and more specifically, the story we TELL about ourselves because of these events….

If you are not choosing to CREATE your own EMPOWERING MEANING consciously, we often revert to the old painful stories of the past, of how we are not enough and we unknowingly ASSIGN the same painful meaning again.

This means, we live the same cycles, the same patterns, and RESPOND in the SAME OLD way – even to NEW EVENTS.

Responsibility is literally our ABILTY to RESPOND.

By changing our narrative and beliefs about ourself as well as our perception of the event, and the MEANING we CHOOSE to create, we improve our ability to RESPOND.

We can go from feeling like a failure to feeling so grateful for what we’ve just learnt.

We can go from feeling like it’s not possible to feeling so excited, passionate, and more determined than ever before to bring our dreams to life.

We can go from feeling that we are not enough, to feeling proud of how we handled that event.

But it all comes down to our self-responsibility to acknowledge who we REALLY are and to take time to REWRITE and OVERCOME our old painful stories.

We are so quick to forget our strengths,
So fast to criticise ourself and to see all the things we believe we “should improve”
That we forget how incredible, how amazing, and how strong and courageous we really are.

We forget to acknowledge our progression,
We forget to acknowledge our journey,
We forget to acknowledge our growth.
And when we do that, we continue to feel that we are not enough.

I invite you today, to journal on, all the things that you have overcome in the last 5 to 10 years.

Really lean into the adversity the challenges that you faced, and how one by one you overcame them.

Think of a time in your life that was so difficult, and what you did to move through it.
Feel it, feel your magnificence.

Put your hand on your heart and THANK yourself.

Thank yourself for showing up,
Thank yourself for doing your best, with the information and knowledge you had at the time,
Thank yourself for doing whatever you could to move forward.

Thank yourself and really feel the magnificence and truth of who you are at your core…..
The only problem we humans ever really have is forgetting the Truth of who we are.
It’s time to remind yourself of this daily.

It’s time to be your biggest cheerleader,
It’s time to really take time to celebrate and acknowledge how far you’ve come and what you’ve been through.

I love you,

Sal x


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