Remember you have the power

Remember you have the power….. 

You have the power to change anything in your life and at this point in history, it’s easy to forget that. Forgetting that we have this power, is exactly what keeps us in fear, exhaustion, burnout and feeling powerless in our life situations. 

I remember years ago, just feeling desperately scared, alone and having no clue how I was going to make my life work. 

I was terrified. I didn’t believe that I was enough, I felt that I was all alone, I felt I had no support from anyone around me. I felt that nobody understood me, or knew what I was going through. 

I was exhausted and felt so lost and so overwhelmed everyday….. 

I decided that I had to change, for my girls. They were and still are my everything. 

I committed to becoming the best version of me that I possibly could be. 

I had no idea how, but I was determined….

Over the years I’ve failed this in my humanness, not just once, but many, many times…. (and let’s be clear, it is always an unfolding, evolutionary and never-ending process of becoming a better version of ourself because that’s what our souls are here to do.)

And yet, I’m so much further ahead of where I would have been, had I not started. 


The point is, in that moment of feeling completely powerless, I made a decision. 

I made a choice, and by doing so I reclaimed my power back. 

I decided to stop blaming myself and my life and everything and everyone around me for how I felt. 

I decided to do what I could, to change and improve my life, even if at that moment, it still didn’t feel enough and even though I now understand that empowerment and self-love are never a one time certificate, (it’s a day by day process, decision and choice) it was enough to radically change the direction of my life completely. 

Just like Rose did. 

Rose made a transformative decision for herself and then took the aligned action to bring it all into fruition.

If you are looking for inspiration on how to change your life, then Rose is your Gal. 

Click the button below to watch Rose’s amazing transformation in reclaiming not only her health but her life, power and energy back. 

Watch Rose’s Transformation Here: Click Here


With Love and Blessings,

Always in All Ways,

Sal xox


If you have felt totally exhausted, stuck on the hamster wheel and have no idea how to get off it, or have no idea how that could even be possible for you, then click below to book your call with me now. I promise it’s not only possible, but it can also happen for you. 

But it all starts with a decision. Click below if you know things need to change. Xox
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