Responsibility = Freedom!

Responsibility equals Freedom…..

That sounds like an oxymoron!

However, until I fully understood and implemented this life principle I now live by, my life was far from free.

I felt confined to things that no longer satisfied me.

I felt obligated in relationships.

I wasn’t earning the income I wanted.

I was living in blame, criticizing either myself or others, and expecting and wanting my life to be different.

But I was still holding onto my story, of how things had happened to me, still justifying why my life was the way it was, and still defending and holding onto all the reasons why I couldn’t change it.

I didn’t get that whilst ever I was blaming others and my living conditions for my own unhappiness, I was giving my power away.

Totally giving my power away.

I didn’t get that taking full ownership of where I currently was and where my life circumstances had currently led me, was my responsibility.

I believed that these things had happened to me.

That I was the victim and that life had done me wrong.

Now I know that taking full responsibility for my life and what I want to create and taking action on that, allows me to step fully back into my own power again.

I am no longer giving it away to others, thinking that they have some magical power over me to make my life unhappy.

I am no longer giving it away to situations thinking that if only that was different, then I could be more successful or happy.

I am no longer giving it away to events, when things seem to go wrong, thinking that I am failing or it’s not working.

Life happens to me.

Every time an obstacle appears, taking full responsibility for overcoming that obstacle, it allows me to move past it. Yes, sometimes it’s tough, sometimes it doesn’t happen immediately, sometimes I fail and fall down before I overcome it, and sometimes I need to ask for help, but it’s just the same as a huge, big boulder sitting in the middle of the road.

I can sit there and comment on the boulder, I can tell people about the boulder, I can bitch, whinge and moan about the boulder. But that ain’t going to shift it.

I can blame the boulder for the reason why I can’t continue my journey.

I can tell other people that the boulder is the reason I have to give up. Or worse still I can tell other people that they have to give up too, because the boulder will also stop them.

I can spend hours and hours, wasting time pointing out the fact that there is a boulder in the middle of the road. And somebody should have moved it. The council should have come along and moved it, or the parks and gardens, or the local, state or federal government!

I can sit there and wait, maybe for a lifetime for someone to come along and move it, or to figure it out for me. No guarantees there either…

If I choose to blame others as to why the boulder is there, or why it won’t move, then my only option is to walk away from it and give up.

And in that moment I’ve given my power away to the boulder.

I’ve given up.

I now feel powerless and hang my head.

Because only having one option, is no option.

We feel powerless when we cut off our ability to make more than one choice. When we believe the story that our mind is telling us and when we refuse to take responsibility for our life.

We feel trapped when we believe there is only one option because it doesn’t feel like a choice.


I can choose to take full responsibility for the boulder being there.

(What???? I know right, I didn’t put it there, but either way, it’s there.)

I can say, well I chose to walk down this road. I didn’t know that the boulder was going to be there.

But I did actually pick this road. I chose to walk down this path.

And so now that it is there, what can I do about it?

If I really am taking full responsibility, then the boulder isn’t going to stop me.

I’m sure there must be other people that have found a way.

I’m sure that there must be a way around it, over it, or at least a detour.

If I’m determined and if I’m taking full responsibility for getting to my destination, then I know I will find a way.

Who do I know that may have already gotten past this?

Who can help me?

Do I need to go back into town and get some supplies, some tools, some skills, and learn how to climb boulders?

What do I need to do, to ensure that I get past it, to get to my destination?

Now that is empowering.

That is exciting!

And that is when our greatest obstacles,

Become our greatest gift.

Because it’s never about actually getting to the destination,

Sure, that’s exciting for a moment or two,

But really,

It’s about WHO we get to become along the way.

Imagine the freedom that is experienced from climbing up on top of the boulder!

Imagine the freedom that is created from knowing we have 3 or more choices.

Imagine the internal freedom that is won, by overcoming the obstacle!

And getting to live, our own dreams and our own desires.














Life will pay us, whatever we expect.

Whatever you believe to be true,

Will be for you.

It’s a powerful choice, to take full radical self-responsibility….

It’s a powerful choice to own your own power….

It’s a powerful choice to show up for you…..

It’s a powerful choice to decide it’s time…..

Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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