Sending you Love on Valentines Day

Wishing you a beautiful Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day can bring up a lot for so many people…..

We can question our lovability, our partnership, and or it can be a beautiful celebration of self-love and or the joy you have created in your intimate relationship. 

In today’s Live Video I share 3 Tips for creating and sustaining an amazing intimate Relationship. 

They are: 

  1. Self-Love & knowing what you value you most and what your boundaries are.
  2. Owning your own BS! (Belief Systems 😉) Knowing what your wounds and triggers are and taking full responsibility for these and doing the inner work to heal these, so that you are able to communicate more effectively and not take things so personally.
  3. Having incredible Energy and Health! So Important for Passion and Chemistry in relationships, not to mention Libido as well as having the energy to put into your relationship. (At the end of the day your relationship energy is a sum total of what you are both bringing to the table!)


It’s so hard to have a great relationship when we are exhausted, tired and feeling angry and resentful from not having good boundaries or being able to communicate our needs effectively. 

Not to mention how much less patience we have when we are tired, and generally are much more emotionally reactive…..

Healing your health, your energy has the capacity to impact your relationship in a massive way!

To get your spark back, to step more into your playful, feminine nature and to be able to relax intimately through feeling connected with yourself and with life and your partner. 

Healing your past trauma’s is absolutely critical to creating great relationships, otherwise you will end up cycling in these patterns over and over again, as soul lessons…..

You can watch the short video by clicking the button below, to hear more about these 3 Amazing Tips to create and sustain an amazing Loving, Fun and Deeply Connected Intimate Relationship.

Watch it here!
(And if you happen to be single and want to be in a partnership, doing these 3 things, absolutely will help you to attract the right partner into your life, that is most aligned for you.)


Sending you all Oceans of Love on this Celebration of Love Day!

Sal x

If you know your relationship has been suffering from your low energy and exhaustion, it’s time to get your libido and spark back, to heal your body and to get back to living and loving with Passion, Energy and Zest for life, book your FREE Call with me Today!

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