She almost beat it….


Many people don’t know how close my Mum got to beating cancer.

I recently heard about another Mum that was experiencing cancer and I wanted to share with her daughter some of the things my Mum did that really came close to healing it and then I realised, that this information could really make a difference and help so many people.

(Please know I’m not by any means promoting a cure, just some things that seemed to really make a difference in my Mum’s journey and hoping that it can help others too.)

Which is why I’ve chosen to share it on here also, as so many people have been touched by, or experienced cancer themselves.

Cancer is obviously a very personal journey, in how we decide to deal with it. Some will go the traditional western medicine route, some will go eastern and western and some will go purely eastern and refuse all western medicine.

I have no judgement on any of the pathways, as I truly believe it’s about listening to your own intuition and what you believe is right for you.

Mum did both – Eastern and Western.

Mum was diagnosed with Stage 4 non-small cell adenocarcinoma (non-smokers lung cancer) on the 17th of March 2009. Her prognosis was 1 round of chemo, then palliative care, I don’t think the doctors expected her to survive longer than 1-2 months. Just beyond devastating to all of us. Her cancer had a 10% survival rate, if diagnosed at Stage 1.

We knew she had a big battle ahead of her.

Her cancer had spread to both lungs, chest cavity, lymph nodes, liver and in all bones above the hips and shoulders. You can see all the black marks (not including her bladder) where the cancer was on her bones.

6 Weeks (April 2010) before she passed her scans were incredible.

She had cleared the cancer from almost her whole body. The primary tumour had massively reduced.

She had even cleared her liver in previous scans.

I believe that the thing that held Mum back from being able to clear the cancer completely, was her bowels being blocked due to being on a lot of pain meds.

The cancer returned to her liver, where she was diagnosed with 3 new tumours growing in April 2010. This made her feel incredibly nauseous, and she lost her quality of life, which also significantly impacted her will to keep going, something that she had done so well at maintaining over the previous 13 months of her journey.

I believe that the cancer was being detoxed by her body at such a fast rate, that her liver was unable to deal with it all and with her large bowel not emptying properly because of constipation with the pain meds, it meant that the liver wasn’t able to fully excrete its metabolic waste properly.

When our body cannot excrete and detox effectively it creates even more inflammation and disease in this environment. I do believe that colonic irrigation may have made all the difference for Mum, with the studies and what I’ve learnt in the last years since her passing in May 2010.

I’ve also recently read another book “Cancer is not a Disease” by Andreas Moritz and I highly recommend reading this, as it truly helps to understand the healing mechanisms that the body creates in a last-ditch effort for survival.

When you understand this, you know how to be very proactive in supporting your body’s wellbeing.

I truly believe that we are all on a soul journey, that we are here to experience what we are meant to, to become who we truly are.

Mum’s journey has shaped so much of my passion to help people and my passion to support people to improve their health. Many don’t know but I was 3 months into my kinesiology training when she was diagnosed, and she passed away 1 month after I’d opened my Kinesiology clinic. We shared so much learning on our holistic healing journeys together.

Watching Mum grow through her healing journey with cancer was humbling. The way she faced her fears, looked for solutions and really I think for the first time in her life, understood just how many people loved her so deeply and cared about her, was so beautiful to witness and watch.

Do I absolutely wish she was still here physically?


Do I feel her presence and know that she is with me in spirit, guiding me and loving me?

Absolutely, everyday….

Grieving the loss of my Mum was honestly the hardest thing I’ve ever been through, and if I can share the wisdom and knowledge that she gained through her journey, that can help another family, then that is a true blessing.

Please let me know if you’d like further info, I’ve attached all that Mum had in her file from her own learnings and experiences.

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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