Stand In your Power….

I’ve been in a deep dive with myself again over the last few weeks,

It’s been a time of deeply evaluating my life.

Where I’m at,

What I’m experiencing,

What I’m creating,

What I desire most,

I’ve been asking myself daily;

What is lowering my vibe?

What is draining my energy?

What do I choose to do that will take me closer to my goals?

And every day I get more and more clarity.

Over this time, there’s been 3 pretty biggish life events that have occurred.

It’s during these times, that I want to be clear that I’m getting my soul’s messages of what needs to shift and change the most.

I want to know,

What’s most important to me?

Am I truly following my heart?

What identities are no longer serving me?

And so I took myself into a process I’ve done many times….

I tapped deeply into connecting with my inner child.

And in a meditative state in my mind’s eye,

I saw that she was carrying a tonne of rocks on her back….

Feeling so overwhelmed, with trying to carry so much…..

I received a powerful image of my Mum carrying the same tonne of rocks on her back,

And my Grandmother handing it to her….

My Mum unknowingly had passed it on to me to carry also….

In the most beautiful unfolding, my Mum took the tonne of rocks off my inner child back…

And threw it into the river, she also took it off her own back, and off my back….

They all went in the river as we watched them taken away by the force of the stream…

She whispered to me, it’s time to let it go.

You don’t have to carry this anymore…..

I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.

Tears rolling down my cheeks,

Finally feeling free of the burden I’d carried since a little girl.

Unknowing expectations of feeling that I “HAD to help others”.

I HAD to please others,

I HAD to be the good girl,

Relief flooded through my body and a new lightness emerged.

I finally could




Have you ever felt like that?

A massive weight lifted off you, from an identity that was placed upon you as a small child, that you’ve carried with you most, if not all of your life?

It feels so liberating.

It frees up so much life force energy.

It creates space, to truly be you

And to Stand in your Power….

I truly believe there is so much healing that occurs at a cellular level through these transmissions.

Generational trauma, belief systems, dogma, stigma, and societal conditioning all get passed down unless we’ve done the inner work to be the circuit breaker for our family.

This inner work is so powerful, I see it again and again, with women that are so burnt out, and have carried beliefs and expectations placed upon them by others, at such a young age.

Beliefs of;

I have to always be there for everyone,

I can’t let others down,

I can’t disappoint others,

I’m responsible,

It’s all my fault,

Everyone’s needs are more important than mine.

I can’t be happy unless everyone else is happy.

I’m still not enough, no matter how much I do….

Over responsibility for others, enmeshing with others energies, and becoming what and who they want you to be…..

Feeling that you’ve lost yourself,

Dissociated from how you really feel, because you’ve had to ignore, suppress and push this down for so long out of coping mechanisms and to feel that you could be loved, accepted, and fit in….

Denial of what’s really going on, putting on the brave face, smiling when you feel so empty inside….

I get it, I did it for years and it can be so deeply entrenched.

Having the tools the skills that you need to break free of these is the most powerful way to reclaim your energy, to overcome burnout, fatigue and exhaustion AND most importantly create a life that you love, for you, by you…..

Knowing how to challenge these beliefs and break free of them,

Knowing how to shift your emotions,

Learning how to let go of guilt for good,

Allowing yourself to rest,

Being clear in who you are,

Setting healthy boundaries that support intimacy and connection with others.

All of this and more is covered in my 28-Day Mini Thrive Program.

It is so important to have these tools,

To truly break free from the energetic chains that keep us bound from the past.

It’s time to stand in your power,

It’s time to fully be you.

If you’re ready to do that, PM me for details on how you can get your spot at my upcoming 28-Day Mini Thrive Course. I can promise you it’s going to be so powerful, I can’t wait for you to truly experience the freedom, the liberation, and the energy when you start to shift these things!

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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