Taking care of our nervous system.

Constantly living in a space where we feel triggered, unsafe and not able to fully rest and relax is one of the biggest reasons that creates insomnia and the mind racing constantly.

When going through burnout, we’ve often lost a huge amount of resilience and capacity to handle the day to day things.

Things that never used to bother you, suddenly can become irritating, things that you used to handle easily, might bring you undone emotionally or bring you to tears and have you feeling like “What is wrong with me….”

Burnout massively reduces our capacity and ability to handle and deal with stress in our lives.

Therefore, when healing burnout it is so important to tread softly and gently with our nervous system, otherwise we can end up retriggering ourself again and again.

It’s one of the reasons why I also recommend making sure that you are getting the support you need when healing burnout.

We can often revert back to our old style of attempting to just “push through it”, or to get it all sorted as fast as possible.

And whilst I can totally appreciate those feelings, taking your time, pausing when you need to, resting your nervous system is such an important part of healing.

When we try to rush things, or we try to do a tonne of inner work to move things quickly, you may find that it ends up leaving you more dysregulated than when you began….

Taking your time, knowing when to gently lean into resistance and when to pause is key.

You can watch my 5 min live video from today, where I chat about this further.

Watch it here!

If you are struggling with feeling better, if you’ve tried a few things and it feels like nothing is working, I truly encourage you to reach out to me and book in a Free 15 min Chat.

Kerrie felt exactly the same, she said to me on the phone, nothing has worked and I’ve tried everything for years and years……

And yet in just 8 Weeks we’d reduced her symptoms of pain and inflammation by up to 80%, not to mention she now had the tools to completely heal herself inside and out……


“I was taking four days off work at a time. I had a major breakdown in 2016.

I’ve had more energy than I’ve ever had before, my mood has lifted, I can deal with the hard things.

I’m off all medication. 

In just 8 Weeks my fibromyalgia symptoms reduced by 80% and I had reduced so much inflammation in my body, that I also lost 12kgs of unwanted weight, that I’d been struggling for years to lose.

I can honestly say I have never ever felt so healthy and so well. My time with you has changed my life.”



So if you’d love to uncover the REAL cause of your burnout, click below to book your 15 min call in with me today. I only offer a few of these each week, so don’t miss out.

Book your call!

Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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