Dealing with Food Allergies and Intolerances

Following the removal of a melanoma from my face and a broken foot in 2011, I was struggling both physically and emotionally. I had problems regaining full use of the muscles in my leg after my foot healed. While seeing a masseuse for treatment, she recommended I visit Sally. Having already had good results from another kinesiologist some years earlier I was keen to visit Sally.
I now walk better than ever.

I can work outdoors in the dust without sinus problems. I can eat more foods without having negative reactions. I understand which foods my body likes and which foods are beneficial to my health. I am better able to relax and no longer worry like I once did. This has also improved my relationships with others.

As a result of working with Sally I now feel calmer and more confident in situations which would have previously been stressful.

I would recommend Sally to anyone who would like to improve their quality of life, whether it is at work, in a relationship or on a personal level. Sally can assist you to a deeper understanding of how your mind works and the incredible mind/body connection.

Retired School Teacher, now Self-Employed on Family Farm | Tarcutta NSW

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