Feeling Stronger and Calmer

I first took my 8 year old Daughter to see Sally because she was an emotional ‘roller coaster’. She had little resilience and was very quick to give up, burst into tears and flop on her bed taking ages to be reasonable again. We were ‘walking on eggshells’ to keep her happy. She had also complained of having a ‘sore tummy’ for many years but doctors and paediatricians had not been able to help.

I heard about Sally and called her to see if she may be able to help. The emotional change in my daughter was amazing. My Husband was sceptical but after a couple of days commented to me about the dramatic change in her.

In helping my daughter I realised that Sally would be able to help me too. I was very stressed at work and home. I was overwhelmed. I felt like I was cranky at my family all the time. I was not sleeping well. I was overweight.

The feeling after the first session was amazing. I felt so calm and happy. Sally helped me to realise that I had unrealistic expectations of myself. Over a couple of visits, I was sleeping better, eating better and was kinder to myself.

As a result of working with Sally, I now feel stronger and calmer.

I would recommend Sally to anyone who wants to: Manage /reduce stress, feel better about themselves, lose weight and improve their relationships.

Business Owner | Wagga Wagga, NSW

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