Finding a clear path in Business, Study and Health

When I was first referred to Sal, it felt like she had been placed back in my life at exactly the right time. I had so many plans and so many ideas running around inside of my head with no real time to commit to making things happen, or a plan of how to achieve what I wanted.

I had been introduced to life coaching through friends and colleagues. I had always been sceptical of the returns you get from the large financial investment that most coaches require. Having known Sal since I was a child, I knew that if she had taken something such as coaching on as a career that she would be very good at it, and I had no doubts at all when I signed up to six months coaching with her. She had me at hello.

I wanted to find a clear path to move forward in three main aspects of my life, my business, my study and my health (which in turn also involved my relationships with my family). We set a plan together to start, and our weekly accountability sessions meant that I felt an urgency and need to fulfill our set goals in a way that ignited a passion that I thought I had lost in myself for the things that I wanted for me. Not the things I wanted as a wife, a mum, a sister, a daughter, a friend, but for myself. One of the best things that I have mastered is taking responsibility for my time, planning my days, and making time to have space for myself.

There are not the right words to describe the profound effect that working with Sal as a life coach has had on my life. I have not had this type of clarity and result with my work, study and health, for as long as I can remember. I have always had one of those that have shined. When I was in corporate science, I was a master of my work. When I was studying, I was a master of making time to study. And when I was doing bodybuilding, nothing was more important than my body and the way I treated it.

But I never was able to balance having more than just that one focus at a time.

Now I can manage all three and I feel as though my life is truly taking the true path to a beautiful, wonderful, happy and loving future with myself and my family.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sal to anyone and everyone. There are always aspects of life that can be improved, better managed or fine tuned. She is brilliant at what she does and once you start working with her you will see just how brilliant you are too.

Katrina Rope
Environmental Scientist, Family Photographer, Full time mum, awesome wife, and all round super woman | Darwin

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