No words!

It would literally take a full 500 page novel to tell you how much my life has changed so enormously in just 11 months of talking to, and learning from Sal.
From the very first session through to now.

And now that I am getting really practiced at applying those lessons it I feels like my life changes every day, exponentially. I learn something new and interesting about myself every day, such a bizarre feeling at the age of 37.

When I first came across Sal I remember saying to Sal that life was pretty good, I thought I had everything I needed and wanted and I was very grateful for that. And that is truly what I believed. But it just wasn’t true. There was a lot of stuff going on for me just below the surface and I kind of knew it but I couldn’t put my finger on it.
I didn’t know, what I didn’t know.
I was so good at being “positive” and “happy” and “optimistic” and “achieving”, I was exhausted but my brain wouldn’t let me see it.

So, without writing a novel the best way to describe it is…

I now understand what it is like to be fearless. I don’t mean being courageous and brave, I am talking about living in this moment right now without those little niggling fears that were sitting just under the surface and influencing so much of my thoughts and behaviours without me even realising it, it’s a complete feeling of calm.

Before Sal…
I thought my life was great and fun and fulfilling and I was so grateful.

With Sal in my life…
Life is delicious. Life is living wholehearted honesty in its fullest sense. Life is full of true appreciation (not the gratitude because I should be grateful 😊)

Life is fearless. Life is full of infinite potential.

Imagine pure joy, without expectations, without push, without judgement, without fear.

But Sal teaches all of this in THE most practical ways. Its just so simply and easy to apply, not psychologist couch mumbo jumbo (as my hubby would call it) just really great tools that you can easily use every day or whenever you need.

I have no words to truly describe it, but I have done my best.

Kal xox

Kally Marshall

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