Overcoming Deep Grief and Loss

When I first saw Sally, my father had passed away suddenly and I was not coping at all. I was not sleeping and feeling very overwhelmed. I had read about kinesiology after a friend of mine was telling me she had seen a kinesiologist and I decided to give it a go. It was then that I saw on facebook that Sally had completed her course and was practicing in Wagga. So I saw it as a sign and booked. I have since been back whenever I feel like I need to be re balanced, like when my mother in law was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and again when she passed.

I have also taken my daughter to Sally for her allergies. She was allergic to all nuts and eggs. I also took her and my son to Sally after their Nanna passed away. There were both really close to her and so were experiencing deep grief and loss and not knowing how to direct their feelings.

I have been a lot calmer since seeing Sally, not as overwhelmed and not as angry. I sleep better and make better choices as a result. She has given me strategies to deal with situations as they arrive and to not feel so overwhelmed by it all. My daughter can now eat all nuts except peanuts and she can eat eggs. The relief and calmness in both of my children after their treatment when their nanna died was absolutely amazing.

I feel that after my treatments with Sally I am coping better, it gives me an overwhelming sense of relief, like a great weight has been lifted and everything seems so much easier and clearer.

I would recommend Sally to anyone who wants to achieve a bit of balance in their lives, and the lives of their children. Balance helps everything seem so much better and easier. Also to anyone who is experiencing food intolerances and allergies, or just not sure why they are not feeling 100%. Go and see her, she will be able to help! Our sessions are great!

A Smith
Mum and Business Owner | Coleambally NSW

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