Unexpected Gifts through Coaching

When I met Sally I was at the lowest point in my life. I felt that there was no hope for me in life because I had lost my brother and his family in very tragic circumstances. My brother and I were as close as any brother could be. Now my world was collapsing and he couldn’t be there to look after me.

Luckily my wife took me to Sally for Kinesiology. I only went because my beautiful wife insisted. I can’t explain what Sally did, but the effect on me was amazing. The second time I went back, I was thinking how great it would be if I could get regular help from Sally, when Sally offered me Life Coaching. I said YES!

My coaching sessions have been full of unexpected gifts for life. I have heard a lot of what Sally tells me before, but Sally puts it together in a way that I can make it happen. After my third session something extraordinary happened. I call it my best day ever. I got my natural smile back and everyone I met that day was reflecting back my positive energy.

After my fourth session I can now truly listen to my wife and children. The really amazing thing is my Wife now tells me that she can’t believe how much she loves me. I am also well on the way to achieving a goal that I never thought possible for me, the bond with my children is growing so strong that I now feel that we will develop a trusting relationship where they will be able to come to me to talk about anything.

As a result of the coaching sessions with Sally I now feel I have a purpose in life again, and the enthusiasm to make life great for me, my family and beyond.

I would recommend Sally to anyone who wants to be great at something. A great parent, partner, boss, friend, grandparent, athlete…. Sally can start you on that journey today!

Farmer | Riverina Region

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