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I like most business owners am quite busy and unfortunately I have an existing back injury that I don’t treat well and whilst it gives me pain I generally put it to one side and keep working to my detriment. As you can imagine, I was not able to do this for long. It was at this time that I met Sally, she was referred to me through a friend with a glowing recommendation and while I generally don’t understand kinesiology I thought I would give it a go.

I spoke with Sally over the phone for 15 minutes, we did some short exercises and tests and that was it! She took notes was warm and friendly and told me to go about my work and just allow her to do her thing. I did simply that, worked through my jobs found myself to be quite productive and after about 10 minutes felt my persistent pain residing. After 45 minutes I got back on the phone with Sally, feeling quite accomplished, peaceful and still with no pain.

Sally re tested me again and from not being able to reach anywhere near my toes before I was now finding myself grabbing my big toes with ease… She shared some of what she did and what she found when she was working with me and it was INCREDIBLY ACCURATE. I don’t know what it was exactly but if you want to try an open honest and low risk intervention for your health Sally Holden is the woman you need to be speaking to.

Distance is no obstacle, she simply makes it work.

Aidan Parsons Boccthy
Leadership and Behavioural Management Specialist | Keystone Executive Coaching

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