The 5 Steps To Happiness…..

The 5 Steps To Happiness…..

  1. Love who you are.

(This was perhaps the hardest thing of all for me to learn and is an ever-evolving process of living from integrity, embracing my shadow and being authentic and true, first and foremost to myself.)

  1. Love what you do.

(Finding your gifts and your authentic voice and courage to no longer trade your soul for money, but to step into your true passion and share what you are here to truly share in life and to trust deeply that the universe will support you in that.)

  1. Love who you are with.

(Surround yourself with those that inspire you and uplift you, that see you and know your worth – much easier to attract when you love who you are, as everyone else will be a reflection of that.)

  1. Take incredible care of your body.

(This will also be a reflection of the level of self-love that you have.)

  1. Contribute to the greater good of the world.

(This is a natural result of the 4 other steps and is more about who you being, rather than what you are doing.)

Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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