The best way to know what your future holds, is to create it.

During some of my most difficult times in life,

When I’ve felt lost,

When I’ve felt afraid,

When I’ve felt all alone,

When I didn’t know what to do to change my situation,

The one thing I come back to again and again that has been my guiding light,

And in many ways has helped me to create a life, that was way beyond what I thought I could initially,

Is to create a COMPELLING FUTURE….

Without this, it’s so easy to feel down,

To feel directionless,

To feel powerless,

To feel unable to do anything,

We can end up feeling incredibly stuck….

And uninspired and lose our passion for life….

We can know what we don’t want, what we are frustrated with, what we wish was different,

But have you got super clear on your own VISION of what a COMPELLING FUTURE looks like for you?

This is what wakes you up with excitement in your heart and soul for what the day ahead will bring,

It gives you such a huge surge of emotional energy and fuel to fire up your passion, courage, and joy,

It supports you to take aligned action, from a place that feels like flow, ease, joy, and excitement,

It will awaken your inner warrior, your divine goddess, and the wisest parts that can guide you.

Don’t get hung up on the how or blocking yourself from getting clear because you don’t 100% believe that it could happen to you….

This is what gets in so many people’s way…


Allow yourself to IMAGINE….

What would you LOVE to create?

How would you LOVE to live your life?

What would that mean to you?

How would you feel every day?

What and who else would that impact?

What’s one action step that you could take today, that moves you in the direction of your dreams?

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x

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