The difference between healing and regulating your nervous system.

There is a huge difference between healing and regulating your nervous system.

And these days we are given 100’s tools to learn how to regulate but it’s so important to understand the difference because there are so many lost opportunities to really HEAL the nervous system if you immediately regulate when you feel the big emotions and feelings come up.

It can be another way of attempting to control our emotions and does nothing to release past triggers, even if it temporarily de-escalates the emotion (which I absolutely acknowledge can be necessary at times.)

Anytime I’m triggered and experiencing a huge wave of emotion or intensity building inside, I take note, it’s a tremendous opportunity to do some great healing work.

After years and years of suppressing my emotions, I felt I was completely at capacity, my emotions would spill over either exploding or imploding in massive uncontrollable ways.

This is what happens to our nervous system, it becomes “full” of stored trauma and emotions that have not been fully released.

Eventually, this causes massive disruption to our physical well-being as well as impacting sleep, and digestion, causing inflammation because the body is locked into living from the “survival” fight/flight state.

We feel like we “can’t” take on any more.

Where previously you may have felt that you could handle everything, you took responsibility for everything and every and you were the “go-to person” where people would come and seek out your advice or help with things, you may suddenly find yourself in the position, where you no longer feel you have any capacity left.

This is just like a cup filling up with water, your nervous system is full of repressed emotions and trauma and eventually, it all just spills over.

The way to truly HEAL the nervous system is actually to PROCESS/FEEL our stored emotions and triggers. This actually “completes” the nervous system cycle from a fight/flight or freeze response, allowing our body to “NATURALLY” regulate back into parasympathetic.

Each time we PROCESS/FEEL our stored emotions it’s like emptying more water out of the cup, and it automatically creates “more capacity” in ourselves again.

This is such an important piece to understand, as so many people “just want to feel better again”, which I totally get understand, however until we dive deeper and allow ourselves to feel the bigger

stuff, it just cycles through our system.

Long-term healing of the nervous system can take time and patience. I’m still unraveling triggers from 14 years in DV and I’m sure many other life experiences.

If you know you have deeper work to do in this space and would love a guide to navigate this sometimes raw, messy, and difficult, yet extremely rewarding inner work, then please email me at

I have the capacity for 1 more 1:1 and I’m booking out quickly.

Knowing how to work with your emotions, your belief systems, your thoughts, your inner dialogue, and your nervous system, will create incredible changes in your life and your overall happiness and health, not to mention truly living a life you love.

With Love and Blessings,

Sal x


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