The eleventh hour test…

Sometimes life will bring us to our knees.

When we have tried so hard, put so much effort in, and sometimes things just don’t work out.

Our manifestations get a little rough and a little funky and we allow fear to set back in.

I still have these moments, not often, but definitely still sometimes.

It’s in these moments, that my tools that I have learnt come into play.

Letting the emotion rise up from within.

It’s normally when I’m going for something big in my life. When I have a new dream, a new vision for myself. When I’m setting a new standard.

It’s like being at the gym and knowing that there’s one more rep left and it feels like there’s nothing left inside and fear of failure and disappointment kick in.

It’s in these moments that the muscles are built. It’s in the moment when it’s so important to find our courage, conviction and deep belief that things can and will change.

It’s in these moments, where we must pick ourselves back up again, allow our hearts to be filled with the Grace of God/Spirit/Universe and hear our truest voice calling us to our dreams and not let our ego/survival mind shadow us with its fears.

It’s in these moments, where our inner fire and resilience are built.

Yes, we may get changed by the heat of the fire, but we get to decide how it will mould us and shape us.

Life will throw us curve balls,

Things won’t always go to plan.

Things will feel like they are unravelling.

We will sometimes feel like we are failing, when it feels like everyone else around us is succeeding and moving forward and we aren’t.

Sometimes it will feel like everything is falling apart at the one time and we begin stacking one thing on top of the other, until it feels like we are going to break under the weight of it all.


We reset.


Get clear.

And ask our self again.

What is it that I want instead?

This one question has pulled me out of the depths of despair more times than I care to remember.

It stops my survival mind in its tracks.

It helps me to remember my vision for my life and what I’m here to create, experience, be, do and have.

It reminds me that everything I need, all the answers to every question are all inside of me right now.

I quiet my mind.

I take a few moments, to really let the love and grace of spirit fill my heart again.

It calms me and sends peace throughout my body.

It’s a beautiful reminder, to honour the struggle.

To not resist the growth.

For in those moments in life that bring us to our knees,

It’s the moments, when we truly clarify how we want to be living.

What we won’t put up with any more in our life.

All of our frustration, sadness, anger and hurt, bubble to the surface to be released,

And in that moment, we have declared again,

What we will and won’t settle for,

What is most important to us,

Where we need to grow the most.

What we need to persist with the most.

What we need to let go of that is no longer serving us.

To ask for divine guidance.

To let go of trying to control the outcomes of survival, safety and security that the ego/survival mind is trying to create and come back to the purpose of our soul.

I love that I can always come back on track.

I love that I am connected no matter what, even in those moments, when my mind buys into the illusion of being completely separate, lost and alone.

Even in those moments, of feeling like I’m failing or I’m not enough, or it doesn’t matter how hard I try.

It’s all just an illusion.

My heart and soul, hold all the answers, I’ll ever need.

To be who I really am

To pull back more and more layers of the ego, trying to be significant and in control of things.

My soul calling me ever so gently amongst the turmoil of my mind to release and let go.

To just come back to my truth.

To open my heart

And to live my life from a place of love.

My soul is so calm and clear and forever present and loving me.

It’s another beautiful reminder to feel my emotions fully.

The more I resist them, the more they build and the more I try to push against them to change them.

It is the releasing of the emotions, that totally sets me free.

Brings me back to my heart centre,

And fills me with divine peace and guidance.

Be gentle with you.

In those moments of hardship,

Know that it is life calling to you,

Wanting you to grow,

Wanting you to get stronger,

To find another way forward, that aligns with your soul and your heart,

It is offering you an opportunity to develop tenacity,




It is offering you an opportunity to build your internal strength,

And Self-Love,

And come to know with complete Gratitude that life is here to help us grow and to be all we can be.

With Love and Blessings,

Sal xox


If you are having a hard time right now, I just want you to know that I’m sending loads of love and positivity your way and that you are not alone. Look to what you want to create instead. Choose to ask yourself “Where do I want to go?”

Focus on that with renewed vigour and determination. And choose to believe wholeheartedly that you will get there. A sapling, does not grow into a strong tree, without the winds of the seasons blowing on it. The harder the winds, the stronger the tree. xox


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